Monday, October 28, 2013

Dude is Heartworm Free...We Love This Story..

Thanks to Micheal F. for sharing Dude's story. Hopefully others will learn from it. I would just like to add, that the herbs also rendor the adults infertile. In accordence to Chinese herbal medicine, the herbs are sour in nature...think about makes lips if a worm has to pucker, it will lose its attachement...this is a metaphor, according to how we learn the mechanisms of herbs...I love our Heartworm Support formula...
Its important for people to understand that testing for adults should not occur for at least 6 momths after starting...and 120 days for the babies...this is a slow kill method. 

Two years ago my dog Dude was diagnosed with heartworms. He was tested multiple times to verify. The vet started treatment with 400mgs of doxycycline for 2 months prior to start injections of a pesticide . While on the doxy I researched my options and found your products. Doxycycline sterilizes the heartworm so no more babies can be born. So I combined your products with the doxy in a sandwich of 4-100mg pills with 1 1/2 tsp. powder for the first 2 months. Then tapered the doxy back. Went back to the vet the following year for his shots and the vet would not test him for heartworms since I did not come in to continue treatment. Told the vet I did my own treatment so they reluctantly tested him saying that he still had them. No response from the vet so I called and had them check his results. ALL CLEAR NO HEARTWORMS. So I have reordered your product and treat him periodically as preventative maintenance. Confining him like the vet wanted would have killed him of a broken heart thinking he was being punished. He is a 90lbs lab/rottweiler mix full of energy. 

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