Friday, March 21, 2014

Diva the Beauty Dog Loves PawHealer's Herbal Remedies ....She's a little hottie!

Thanks to Janet for her Diva...Diva takes various products...all of which work to help moderate phlegm. Little dogs make alot of phlegm, that's why they are predispositioned to breathing and coughing issues. So what we do, is make herbal formulas that help to dry and transform phlegm. Not onlydo we use herbs to dry phlegm inside the lungs, but we dry up digestive phlegm. Thus, we help to manage all types of conditions of phlegm. 

Like I have said before...we don't cure diseases...we balance yin and yang!

 We almost had to put Diva down over a year ago...Her breathing was shallow and she had stopped eating. My brother and sister got involved and asked me to wait until they had a chance to work with her. Thank God my brother looked at This is where he found out that it was most likely phlegm and congestion making Diva not able to breathe. So, the first thing my sister did was give her a Special mix blend of: Camphor oil Eucalyptus oil Peppermint essential oils Rosemary Water 2 tablespoons Just stir oils together. We now shop almost exclusively on Paw Healer and I order everything from items to help with her heart as well as her joints and a myriad of other items to ensure that my little Diva is here for a long long time! Thank you Paw Healer! You are literally a LIFE SAVER!!!

Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

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