Thursday, April 17, 2014

Does Your Dog Suffer from Hind Leg Weakness and Pain? Try Pawhealer!

This is Beukeboom and like many dogs..he has hind leg weakness. Generally  weakening of the legs is due to aging taxation. Bigger dogs weaken in the rear quarters more often than smaller dogs. 

What's important to know is that dogs and people can benefit by using herbal formulas to tonify and help age more gently and gracefully. 

Unfortunately the cycle of life cannot be denied..from birth we enter the yang cycle to slowly through the years end with the yin's natural and its a part of nature and life.

However, we certainly can make it a more smoother and easier transition. 

Chinese medicine does this my supplementing yang, specifically the ministerial fire which resides within the kidney system. Any pain and weakness of lower back, hips and knees, can be ascribed to the weakness of the yang qi.

The Hind leg Weakness used by  Beukeboom is below. Click the link to see the formulas that are available. This is a warming formula which supplements yang to transform yin.


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