Thursday, March 12, 2015

Trinket is Shinning Again!...Bladder Stones Gone!

Thanks to Judith...who at first was very afraid for her baby Trinket. As of yesterday, Judith tell's me that this beautiful little dog is doing great...she has rid herself of 1/2 the bladder stones..this was confirmed by her vet.

Date: Wed, March 11, 2015 5:43 pm
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Dear Holly and Mark,
The following is my testimonial regarding my dog, Trinket, and our journey from September 22, 2014, to now.)

Some time around the middle of September, 2014, during a routine inspection of my dog's private parts, I found a tiny "bead" in her Vulva, such as might be found in the stuffing of a beanbag chair. I didn't think much of it, thinking she might have sat on something while we were out walking. 

In the next week or two, I noticed that when she would get excited, she would accidentally urinate. Again, I wasn't overly concerned, until I saw that when we were out walking, she would stop and squat every few feet, and only manage to get a few drops out. Now I was concerned.

I did some online research and suspected that she definitely had a UTI, but on having discovered two more of those little "beads," one in her Vulva, and one in the carpet, I suspected that she might also have Bladder Stones. 

I took her to the Vet, and it was confirmed that she had a raging UTI (poor baby) and she had Struvite Bladder Stones. 

The protocol that the Vet prescribed was Prescription "food" to dissolve the stones, and a course of antibiotics that had to be taken the entire time that we would be waiting for the stones to dissolve. Possibly over 8 weeks! Right there, the Red Flag went up. I've never heard of anyone taking antibiotics for over two months!

I went home with a case of canned "food" and a prescription for Amoxicillin that I had serious doubts about. 

Needless to say, my dog would have nothing to do with the food, and the antibiotics were making her very sick to her tummy. After 3 days of not eating at all, I tearfully went back online, to see if I could find an alternative method of dissolving the stones, and that led me to Paw Healers.
Holly, at Paw Healers recommended a course of treatment to include Chinese Herbs for dissolution of stones, and supplements to accompany them. 

I myself researched and devised a diet of organic chicken and that, some organic pumpkin for fiber, salmon oil for omega 3 and 6, along with the Chinese Herbal supplements, got us started on a Protocol that the dog would tolerate, even enjoy, and I could feel comfortable with. (The canned "food" was a list of chemicals that I couldn't even pronounce, and smelled AWFUL) 

With the addition of a broth that I make from Chicken gizzards and RO water, this diet is what Trinket has been eating since September 25th, 2014. Since I eat mostly a Vegetarian diet, and only Organic, I feed her some of the vegetables I eat as well, and give her "treats" of a product that's a Kidney support wafer that I break into pieces and give her throughout the day. (Also from Paw Healers)

I switched  my vet, to one that is much more understanding and not so rigid, as well. He agreed to let me try to dissolve the stones on my own, and didn't insist that she have surgery immediately. In fact, he suggested that we give the diet at least 3 months to work, and that I could stop the antibiotics.

It's been a long, sometimes bumpy road, but as of her last checkup, two of her four (previously seen on x-ray films) stones are gone! And my dog is healthy once more. I am thrilled.

The Herbalist, Holly, and her assistant, Mark, have guided me through this journey, all the while emphasizing that, if needed, I take her to the Vet. (Not needed, except for checkups) 

They also encouraged me when I was really, really scared! I must emphasize that they never tried to coerce me into abandoning the Vet, but rather, they wanted always to make sure we were all on the same page, as far as Trinket's health an well-being came first. 

Most of us have grown up using Western medicine as our model, and to switch to all herbs and trust that they will work, was a big, scary step for me. I'm glad I took that leap. My dog has not had to have surgery, and I trust in the future, that she will remain healthy, thanks to Chinese Herbs.

I will forever be grateful to Paw Healers and Dr. Bill Dean, DVM, for helping me to help my dog.
Judith Tiedemann

Wow...what nice words....thank you!
Here is a the link... to the product...

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