Friday, December 18, 2009

Zachary with diabetes and open sores on the paws

I would like to talk to you on the phone. But, first, I want to give you an update on the dog named Zachary. You have been treating him for the persistent sore paws. I have some good news and bad news.

You will remember that his right front paw has had an open sore since July 2008. His left front paw developed the same type of sore in about May 2009. The good news is that the sore on his right front paw is now completely gone with only some scar tissue visible. The sore on the left front paw is still there but appears to be under control. He still licks the left front paw, but never even touches the right front paw. I have been giving him 4 capsules a day of the special formula that you mixed for him. We are almost out, so I need you to send me some more. Also, I need another bottle of Yin-Care. But before you mix the herbs, please read below.

Now the bad news. You will also remember that he has had diabetes since June, 2009. Last week he developed cataracts and is now almost blind. We are planning on having surgery to repair his eyes. In the blood test for the surgery, he showed an elevated level (3,500) on his liver function. Maybe, your herb formula that you send can address the liver issue.

Thank you for your on-going support.

Norman Moretto

Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

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PawHealer® does not sell products that will cure or prevent diseases...Our products are based on the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine..Yin/Yang/Qi and Blood. So do not assume our products will cure any disease But what we will do is Clear Heat! Tonify Blood! Move Qi...that's what we do...

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