Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lipoma..Lumps and Bumps Outcome

This is a great Lipoma story....I try to get people to understand that in many instances those lumps actually obstruct the dog's mobility. Not every dog responds so dramatically as this story....but every day I hear good things about the Dissolve Formula...but this one is one of the most dramatic...I have asked for a picture hope to have it soon!

Good Afternoon Holly,

I wanted to let you know that on Wed Dec 2/09 I received the herbs.

On Friday Nov 28 @ 3 am Morgan the Lab was coughing so badly and lots of fluid came out, just clear fluid very bad smell. he coughed so much his body went rigid and his head went back, lost all control bowels and pee. I picked him up and comforted him and his body relaxed. After that his walking got very bad, slower, his hind right foot dragged on the top and he had trouble flipping it over. He had no control of bowels it just falls out while he walks. he requires more frequent pee breaks as his holding power is not there. He has very large lumps everywhere and under his chin the right side of his lower neck is swollen size of 3 tennis balls. Behind his right ear is where he has a lump (open sore roughly 1 1/2 inch in size). The Vet saw him on Monday Dec 1/09 said nothing they can do but make him comfortable till he passes. Morgan weighed in at 99 lbs to my surprise, he normally weighs 84 lbs and we have not changed his diet. He is feed a grain free diet and ground beef boiled. We also add Tripe.

Wed morning I started to give him 1 1/2 teaspoon of Dissolve in his food, no problem he loves to eat. As of this morning he has had 2 doses now.

Morgan squatted to do his business this morning something he has not done for over a year. He no longer drags is right leg, he still walks slow but you can tell he has no trouble with placement of his feet. He looks as though he is no longer bloated, I'm going to take him back to the VETs to weigh him cause I think there will be a noticeable drop back to normal. He is alert and his eyes have cleared a bit. He has energy to jump up on the couch. I am really surprised at how fast this Dissolve has started to work. I was rubbing his sides last night and was trying to find the lumps which before you could see, they have reduced in size.

Thank you and God bless you.......

Paco the Chihuahua on the other hand does not like the cough pills, he is feed Instinct can food with ground beef and there is no disguising it. He will not eat it. Can I mix the pills in a tiny bit of water and give it in a dropper and still be OK? Paco takes the hounds honey by dropper OK.

Elizabeth M.

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Unknown said...

I could really use your or anyone's help. My beagle, Einey, has a large Lipoma on his stomach near his privates. I am so worried. I cannot pay for the expensive surgery and need financial help as soon as possible. He pees a lot like every couple hours and cannot wait til I let him out...

Please tell me what you know about this "DISSOLVE" that you mentioned. Or possibly any fund or organization that may be able to help us. Please!