Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bladder Stone Success Story

Sorry this took so long. We had some medical emergencies in our family.

Dudley, a three year old Shitzu, recently became ill and was diagnosed with bladder stones. One was very large and was blocking his urethra. Two days at the Vet with IV fluids and a failed attempt to backwash it into his bladder was devestating to him and to us. We were sent home with medicine that made him throw up and have severe diahreah. He was straining just to pass a few drops of blood. In desparation, I sat down at the computer and searched the internet for remedies. After finding Pawhealer and reading testimonials, I called Mark thinking this was our last hope of saving him and worrying that it was too late. I have to admit I was skeptical when he told me that in a week to ten days Dudley would be back to his old self. He just didn't know how sick this little puppy was. Two days later we got the medicine and immediately started the doses. Two days later he was dribbling, four days later he had a small stream, and a week later he was running across the yard to find another spot to mark! Our whole family was amazed. It really does work!

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