Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gussie's Fatty Lump Story.....

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and Nurse Daisy are always please when we receive updates from our customers.

This is a very interesting story, because no matter what the outcome of the purchase of our Dissolve formula, there is always a positive comment and result.

Gussie's lump was actually a little more advanced....they're waiting for the lab results. But as Dr. Pink would like to point out....Look at how much better Gussie is feeling.

Dr. Pink thinks its because this formula has qualities that act as an anti-inflammatory.

Dr Pink is please that Carol sent us these wonderful pictures of her beautiful Gussie!

From: Carol Dorr
Date: 8/15/2008 6:23:46 PM
Subject: Update on Gussie

Hi Holly!

Despite the Dissolve and a change to a grain free diet (too new to make a difference), Gussie's growth continued to increase in size. We made a decision last weekend to contact the vet and schedule surgical removal. The same day I made those arrangements, the lump got skinned (like we use to do to our knees) on her walk. It had also started becoming an irregular shape, like a roast looks when tied with string.

It was removed today and specimens sent to UM in Columbia for analysis. Dr. Lang, our new vet, did laser surgery (the old vet wasn't equipped for that) and said there had been more than fatty tissue in it. Gussie is recuperating at home tonight after coming through everything just fine.

Once she is eating again, we will resume the Dissolve All Over along with her Grain Free diet. What would be an appropriate maintenance dosage for her? Her weight fluctuates between 55 & 60 pounds.

We found Halo at our local Petco stores, but kept looking and found Natural Balance from Dick Van Patton. They have 2 flavors of Grain Free food ... we chose Sweet Potato & Venison. Gussie LOVES it!! Her coat has become VERY soft as well.

So far, in addition to a livelier dog (remember, her dob is 9/14/95), her ears have become a lot less waxy. We used to have to clean them at least twice a week (5-6 cotton swabs per ear) with a fizzing solution ... now we are going 7-10 days and even then only using 2 cotton swabs per ear - maximum.

We are hoping that the change in diet and continuing the Dissolve will keep her from developing additional lumps.

I've attached a few pictures for you, #923 was taken about the time we first noticed the lump in March '08 (back right paw); #958 was taken about 3 months later; and #596 is so you can see her right-side-up.

Thanks for helping us find a way to make her very-later years more enjoyable!

Very gratefully yours,
Carol & Doug Dorr

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Joanne said...

Gussie is adorable. Glad to hear all is well after the lump removal. My Buddy has a lipoma on his chest but it's not too big to bother him. She must be very happy to have changed to a grain-free diet. Mine has trouble with grains too. Nice blog.