Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet Sandy....Never Too Late!

Dr. Pink Pinkerton, herbalist extraordiniare is please to introduce the beautiful Sandy and her friend. Sandy is a very old dog that has been on medicine for seizures for many many years.

Dr. Pink thinks it great that Dana (her person) after all these many years is trying to have her live the rest of her 17 years free of drugs.

Dr. Pink would like to post this wonderful news about Sandy and her seizures!

R Sandy's progress!

Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2008 4:53 pm
Hi Holly!

Almost a wk has passed without Phenobarbital and Sandy is hanging tough. She has occaisional head shakes just like she did while she was on that drug, but she's maintaining well and I believe the seizures have reduced some! She has not had any of the full-body or frontal body tremors since her switch to Calm & here's hoping!

Another benefit seems to be that she's regaining night time control of her bladder, at least thus far, and I can tell you that is huge for her and for me, a 51 yr old single parent of an 18 yr. old Westie girl. I have a neuro disorder and the better off she is, the better we all three do with our daily care routines. Her little sister Lucie is happier too since Sandy is now more alert and willing to take part in play time!

Best of luck to you and your pursuits!

Dana (Mom of the oldest Westie I know!)


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