Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Human Condition

I work with people and I work with pets. Happily I get ready to sit for the national boards by this February as my career begins to take shape. It's all about me getting in the study mode.....I love the direction I have taken, I love working with pets and yes....even people.

But there is a frustrating element when working with herbs....and that's our overall mentality which comes from the culture of the past 50 years...This is the expectation that if we take one single pill we can then fix everything.

With herbs...sometimes one single formula can indeed work....and in other instances it may take a couple of tries at getting it to change the condition. But when sitting back and thinking about it is can we really say that it is really any difference than western medicine?

Not really.

Every day I work with so many people in which the dog has not been responding to western drug therapy. This is because either the drug just does not work, or the pet has become resistant to the medication.

And for some reason people give a lot more allowance if you will, to western pharmaceuticals...this can be confirmed by the gigantic veterinarian bills that I hear that people have paid.

By the time people have found me...they want ONE formula to work God Damn It.

Or I have scammed them, yes name calling is a regular occurrence, even if I offer to give them a FREE second formula....that just sucks...can you imagine?

It's okay, because 90% of the time we do benefit the pet and they improve at least 50% and everybody is happy as the pet finds it's way back to good health.

But I can't help but feel discouraged sometimes....Mostly at the current human condition.

I don't understand why people can't see that too many drugs can actually hurt their pet...not to mention themselves....people take way too many prescriptions and its spilling over to our animals. It seems to me that no one is holding our doctors or our veterinarians responsible for this state of affairs.

The other day while at my acupuncture clinic, I was treating a man that was on 26 different medications. The side effects were taking an incredible toll, because by now, he can barely walk or get out of bed each day.

It's not my place to tell him he has to reduce the drug's obvious that he is dying a slow medicated death...

As its not my place to tell pet owners that their lovely little family members are breaking down under the load of numerous medications and they are also dying a slow and complicated death.

It doesn't matter, animal or person.....too much of a good thing can be bad.

So where does that leave us?

We have to work at getting better. We must work on what we and our pets eat. We must view everything that we put in to our collective mouths as the opportunity to heal ourselves.

We must also find herbal remedies that can work in conjunction with our medications...because they can actually help to minimize the drug side effects, and may actually help to reduce the necessary western medications, which indeed are a great thing, but given in large quantities, and for long periods of times, will begin to back fire...

In other works herbs and meds can work together, so we don't have to choose...why does our society believe we have to do one or the other? I ponder so often about that.

I just wish people would be as tolerant when working with herbs as they are with western meds....

When people call me...

I have one single shot....and if my one single shot does not work...people become angry...

Even being called names is okay because you know what? I know I have a responsibility to these people who believe in this type of healing, and because the bar is set so high for me....I do a great job... because peoples high expectations are making me into the best herbalist I can be...

I love meeting expectations...every day I work to be the best there can be and I love when I hear the sweet sound of a pet owner telling me that the dog or cat they love is doing much better. It is like music to my ears....

Now it's your turn to work at getting better and time to open your mind....

Don't turn away from something that can work...

Have a little patience...

I promise we can make a difference (I'm writing this to the 10% out there that have no tolerance!).

Give herbs the chance that you have given the western medications...if you give equal time to the herbs, you will get the result you seek.

This is because in my humble opinion they are fantastic.....but take heed, I'm not saying they are a magic bullet....I think it's important for all of us to keep the following in our mind;

There are no wise men and there are no magic bullets......we must work at good health, we can not find it in a bottle or a pill...and that is the sad truth for our dogs and cats.

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