Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Bye Mr. Bradford...A Tear Jerker

I feel so blessed that people like Walter give me the chance to help with their furry family members, and when I receive the note...that is always inevitable, because our furry loved ones can't be with us forever...I can't help but be moved to my own tears.

Walter had a special bond with Mr. Bradford...Every now and then, although all our dogs are special...there is that one special that is our true soul mate..Mr. Bradford was Walters... they were soul mates...

To Mr. Bradford we bid fare well, and as always I ask that our passing friend tell Sweet Orbit that we miss him.

And to Walter we say...don't be sad...Mr. Bradford is where it's time to be...

Good bye Mr. Bradford!

Holly, I wanted to thank you for not only what you do but for giving me more time with my dog Mr. Bradford. You may remember me from September of 2008 with his coughing & collapsed trachea. Without your knowledge of herbal remedies I know I would not have found someone else in time & my dog would have had to be put to sleep. My vet was really amazed at your capabilities & they have your name & website. I'm sure he will tell others of you. I had to put Mr. Bradford to sleep this morning of just over all organ shut down. This past year his eye sight, hearing and strength became so little with blood in his stool & an enlarged prostate. Last night I visited your website & read the "Saying Goodbye" blog. As my dog's discomfort increased every day I knew this morning it was time. He lived to be 19 years old! Reading the experiences of other animal lovers on your website actually gave me strength to carry out this process of putting him to sleep. If you post this on your website and others read it I want them to know that it's sad as hell to do it but a large part of me was in pain simply because my best friend was in pain. That part of me is now happy for him in that he's not suffering anymore. I also feel his spirit in a youthful & healthy way that has surprised me. I wish you and all animal lovers the very best. Mr. Bradford told me to tell you to keep on doing what you do and to tell you thanks as well. Attached is one of his last photos.

Take Care Holly,

Walter Gewin

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