Saturday, June 13, 2009

Interesting Story; A Long Stone Journey

This is such an interesting bladder stone story. But first I want to make some comments about it.

Most of the time when we get the call...My dog can't pee! Help...the first question is "Will it dissolve the stones".

That's when I have a hard time answering...because the main idea is to once again promote urination, and in most instances, it will. Now read that I said most some dogs that have really bad blockages, it won't. But I have to say that most of the time it gives immediate relief....and who knows if it will dossivle the stones...they are suppose to! And they do...but we never know how fast they will work. I have dogs that seem to pass them within days...and then there is this story...

This is a very extereme case of many stones that they filled her bladder...and they are no breaking down. How cook is that? Very cool to me....

Herbs are so fascinating...

Anyway getting back to this story...and many like it. Once the pooch starts taking the formula they can pee again and the herbs begin their work of dissolving the stones. The size of stones makes the difference as to how long it will take to resolve them.

I have to say that most people are obsessed with getting those stones outta there...I then say...If your dog can pee....and is not obstructed, then what's the problem? (making sure your working with your vet to monitor the situation), because with time, the herbs will do their thing...Here is a story proving my point;

Received June 13th from Stone Support Customer:

I have to admit after our last vet appointment i was pretty sure that the surgery was unavoidable. I remember the first time i spoke with pawhealer your husband told me to give it six months. We started getting the xrays in November, at which time Sis had ten stones larger than the size of quarters. After the last xray (we did one about every two months) in April, we still had ten stones. I am so very pleased to say tonights xray showed four to five quarter size stones and many, many small stones which we hope she will soon pass. You could actuallu see that there was "space" in her bladder that wasn't being taken up with stones. .I just wanted to say thank you, we'll be staying on the herbs a while longer but for now we are going on a long car ride. We'll probably both have our heads out the window. Later
Kristi and Sis aka Simone.


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