Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Success Story On Stone Support

Here are some shots of Ginger (white and brown dog) and her shadow Honey (black and white poodle) I just got this camera so I do not know how to get the red or green out of their eyes just yet. When I get that figured out I will send better shots.

Ginger (white and brown Lhasa) is the one that had the calcium oxalates stones in her bladder removed 4 years ago. She had to go on special food and I had to try and get as much water in her as possible. I would have her urine checked every 6 months or less to watch the crystal production. Last year she was having a problem and after a sonogram the vet found small stones in her kidneys. So I tried to increase her water intake even more. In June all three of my girls and even me had Lymes. Fun fun. I do not know what told me to do this, but I had a feeling something was going on and had her urine tested again. The vet called and said that she had a small trace of blood. Fearful of the stones coming back, I did some research on the internet and completed the questionnaire on your website.

I then ordered what you suggested and followed your instructions as best I could. I was quite an adjustment for both myself and Ginger but in the 2 months she has been on the Stone Support she has become more active and her appetite is up. She drinks more water and has to go out more. Just to see how well it was working I had her urine tested again 2 weeks ago. Guess what? NO CRYSTALS ! this was totally amazing and if you were here I would have kissed you.

Today I had to take her to the vet and the vet checked her out and did an ultra sound on her bladder NO STONES! I can not express how happy this has made me to have my little girl back to feeling like she should wanting to play and go for walks and run on the beach. This stuff is amazing.

Thanks for taking all my calls when I was getting her started on this, you guys are the best!

Susan Edwards

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