Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Times I Am So Tired...AND THEN.....

So many the end of the day..I feel so utterly tired. All day long I talk to people about herbs and the benefits...and its hard...their vet does not believe in them, or they are suspicious of the products because it is the internet..... and on and on and on...

BUT THEN!!!!! This always seems to happen at the end of those tiring days...I receive notes and pictures....and I smile and sometimes even shed a when I read the following...This is what makes what I do so worth while...And gives me a second wind to start the next day...

Telling the world about the benefit of natural pawhealing!

This is from Joy's E-mail about her little rescue Misty.

I'm attaching a picture of Misty. I want her to live because I love her but
I have another reason. I adopted her from our shelter 3 years ago. She was
dropped off in our drop boxes a matted mess and had to be completely shaved,
but she stayed sweet. I'm a volunteer at the shelter and I watched her for
4 weeks in that tiny cage NOT getting adopted. She wouldn't pee in her cage
so the director walked her morning and night. No one wanted her because she
had rotten teeth and she was old. After an adoption event that she didn't
get adopted at, I decided to take her home, foster her and raise money to
get her teeth fixed so she would find a home. Well, it only took a few
minutes to realize this was the sweetest girl who deserves a whole lot more
then life had given her so far. I thought that if someone didn't want to
put money in her teeth they didn't deserve her. We adopted her. We don't
know how old she was then, 8 was the oldest the vet said they could tell.
Her ears were filled with junk and infected, her gums were swollen and
infected so we had to pull some teeth.

Anyway, I've only given her 3 years of a good life. I want her to have
more. Thanks to your herbs, I believe she will! This is a picture I just
took of her tonight - not coughing!! Does she look like a dying dog now?
She did about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Joy & Misty

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From: "Joy O'
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Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 7:30 PM
Subject: Emperical hound heart tonic

> Hi Holly -
> I'm getting ready to order another bottle of this tonic. My Llhasa was
> literally dying. Her drugs were to the max and she was constantly
> coughing, listless and basically very miserable. I started her on your
> tonic and I think it's been two weeks or so and now I've cut her medicine
> in half and are giving her the tonic once a day and her coughing is
> getting less and less. She has a lot more energy and she's not dying. I
> was to the point I knew I was going to have to make the decision to let
> her go but I wasn't ready so I tried the herbs and they worked!!!
> Should I continue with these same herbs once a day. I cook them in a
> hamburger patty every evening and she loves it. Bounces around waiting for
> her dinner. Or is there something else that I should give her? The
> drugs I'm trying to back off of but slowly. I want eventually for her
> not to be on any.
> Please advise. I need to place an order in the next day or so.
> Thank you!
> Joy O Misty (who's life you saved or maybe just made a whole lot
> better for her time left here)

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