Sunday, February 28, 2010

We're Happy For Taz! Coughing Is Better....

Sorry for the weird formatting this was copied from e-mail......This is from Bonnie Dean and she lives in Canada.....

I have been giving my 14.5lb Poochin your wonder Phlegm-Heat for his honking cough. He does have a heart condition and at first was treated for that. Then they thought it might be a trachea problem, but because of his heart could not do an xray. So they treatred with meds for that, but after 6 days , no change! After 3 days of using yours, he stopped coughing. We have our pet back !! It has been two weeks now and he is down to 2 capsules twice a day. How much should I continue to give him and how long? His cough is down to a small cough maybe twice a day and only after getting up. I will pass along your wonderful products to everyone who has a medical problem with their pets!!!!

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