Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Progress Of Patches ....

We received this yesterday from Hal and Miss. Patches...they are regulars on the Pawhealer site. One of the things I would like to underscore with this post...IS NUTRITION....I strongly suggest over and over that people get their dogs completely off bagged food...I use to think that just going grain free was enough....its not in my opinion any longer...we have go to go even further with our dog's nutrition.

I think because of the way that dog food is really does seem to cause alot of problems. In my world it is the accumulation of Phlegm/Damp which then results in chronic cough for the smaller dogs and Lipomas for the bigger dogs.

I think the best way to approach any condition that is to go on the elimination diet.....ONLY home cooked food of bones and meats which include organ meat. I say to most people just try it and see....then they ask raw or cooked.....I cook for my dogs...they don't like raw...but none the less..its fresh food...and if your sick....then there is nothing better than fresh food for a dog....


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Hi Holly and the Pawhealer Team,
Attached is a pic of Miss Patches, my 13 'man' year old Yorkshire Terrier.
Patches has been taking your Stop Cough, Pettigreens and Cough Syrup since
February 1st. After a trip to the Veterinarian on Thanksgiving eve to check
a knot behind her right ear that was determined to be yeast infection, which
became worse on the medication she was given,I found your site via google,
looking for a better solution for Patches health. She also had a cough and
has licked her paws excessively for a long time, which was caused by
'allergies' according to the Veterinarian. We received your nutrients on
February 1st and within the first week of taking the nutrients she was more
alert and relaxed than she has been in years. Today, her allergies are
clearing up, her ear infection is gone, her flaky claws are healthy and a
large knot (zit) on her shoulder burst and totally cleared up. She is like a
young mature 'fur 'person and shows NO signs of arthritis, which she has
suffered from over the past few years. Also, the excessive mucous in her
eyes is clearing up. Her cough is almost gone and her temperament is much
better. Your nutrients and expertise have been a blessing to us.
Thank you
Hal and 'Miss Patches" 

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