Thursday, March 11, 2010

HeartWorm Help For Willie Wonka


Thank you for your request about Willie Wonka....  I requested that the vet recheck his heartworm, they stated there is no # that they go by to let me know the level of his infestation.  But on a HIGH note... I have had Willie since January of this year, then he was not excitable, no bouncing, no happy look in his eyes, and now he has so much energy I can't keep up with him, he is bouncing all over the house, jumping up and down, he looks healthier and happier than we have ever seen him.  He has sooooo much energy now, all I can say is that your herbs have helped my baby to the extreme that I did not think was possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is still on the herbs, do you recommend an amount of time to keep him on ? Also is it possible that he can cough up a dying worm?
All I can say to you is THANK YOU !!!!!!!  I know in my heart that herbs are the way to go, even if they go with traditional meds.
Many Thanks (Willie also thanks you)

 I wanted to make a comment here...Willie is getting symptom relief from the we really measure success if from testing for microfilia and the antigen levels...None the less we are happy that our herbs are helping Willie feel better. ...We will keep the blog updated as we get news...


This is Willy Wonka our newly adopted and heartworm positive 4 year old male Chihuahua.

Willy has been on your heartworm meds for 5 days now and already we are seeing a huge improvement in his activity levels. He went from sleeping all day, coughing, having little to no appetite and pretty much no drive to even get up and go potty, to an active, attentive, and more vibrant dog. After just 5 days we have seen a completely new Willy Wonka. The coughing has stopped as well!

My family & I just want to say thank you. We will keep you updated as the months go on and let you know how his next test comes back.


Amanda & Edith Anderson (and of course Willy Wonka)

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