Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks From Smiley...No More Accidental Peeing!

Good morning:

I am very busy, what with a job transfer and the accompanying move. However, I had to stop for a minute to write and thank you for the wonderful products you offer!

My poor Smiley appeared to be on his last I began looking at new houses, I wondered if I should plan on him joining me, or if I would be putting him... down first.

His health had taken a serious turn for the worse. I was told a year ago that his heart was bad, but at the beginning of March, Smiley started loosing control of his bladder during the day when I was at work. The vet seems to think he was having strokes, based on the unusual patterns left on the carpet. I just knew he seemed uncomfortable and wasn't himself.

I'm not a big proponent of drugs and other medical interventions (for people, much less animals), so I began looking for holistic health care options for my pet.

My Higher Power led me to your site, and I purchased Mind Over Bladder and Heart Tonic.Both bottles arrived on Monday, March 21st. I gave Smiley a dose then. He was due to get another dose the next morning (2 times per day), but I was out of town on business and didn't want to trouble my dog sitter with giving him the powders on his food. When I got home on Tuesday evening, I cleaned up his piddle, and gave him another dose of the herbal solution. On Wednesday morning I gave him his third dose. On Wednesday evening, when I arrived back home....THERE WAS NO PUDDLE on the floor! For the first time in about 6 weeks, and after just 3 doses, Smiley didn't soil the floor!! It may have been my imagination, but he really seemed more spry and happy! He was so cuddly and lovable that's almost as if he wanted to thank me for making him feel better.

So I thank you! He's had only sporadic accidents, and I think they're more related to the dog sitter not being consistent with his feeding and dosing.

I bought a house in my new town...with a nice back yard for my pal!

Smiley and I are so very grateful to you!


Smiley was taking the's ....Pet Mind Over Bladder Formula

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