Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heartworm Survivor - Gabriel from Georgia was our first Heartworm customer in 2008

This is Pawhealer's first Heartworm Customer who was a Stage 5 infestation of Heartworms in 2008 and the Vets refused to treat him as they were afraid the medicine they had at the time would kill him. So that was when his Mama Sharon sought our help. We followed his progress for the first year and she provided data to us about his trials and tribulations with our Heartworm Support herbal treatment along with the Empirical Lung & Heart Qi Support. She was a true pioneer for her little boy Gabriel as she said she wanted to help him and was willing to try our method even  though it was uncharted territory for her. We are proud to share with you 4 years later in August 2012 that he is Heartworm FREE (which was mid 2009) and now in 2012 has gained weight back and leads a normal abundant life. Kudos to his Mama for her bravery in trying our now hugely successful treatment plan.

Here is the LINK for the two products she used:

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Anonymous said...

Did you let the vet know that the product worked for you? I asked a friend of a friend who works at a vets office about herbal treatments, and she said that none of the herbal treatments work. If this stuff works as well as you say, why don't the vets know about it?

Unknown said...

well, because its a different type of system. Its based out of another part of the world. Its called Traditional Chinese medicine. It's herbal medicine. Vets are not trained in this type of system. Herbs don't always work, they are not as strong as arsenic. People elect to do them for reasons of their own, such as the dog is too sick to withstand conventional treatments, or they can't afford a conventional treatment...herba are alot more work, and take longer, but people are happy with the results if they elect togo this route. I strongly suggest that people work with their vet while using the herbs to monitor the progross. Hope I answered your question.

Holly Mead
Licensed acupunturst and clincial herbalist