Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Pea makes recovery with Custom Liver herbal formula

Hi Mark -- here is the picture of PEA and her testimony.

Hi everyone,  this is my first testimonial.   I have an 11 year old Papillon, named PEA ( because she's so sweet, like a sweet pea )  and until this past November she was doing just great. One day she had diarrhea, and it had a little blood around it, and she vomited, I was concerned, but not overly worried.  Then I noticed her tummy was swelling.  She's a very small dog, and within days, she looked like a beach ball, she was so round.  I measured her belly and she was 21 and a half inches around.  I took her to the Vet.  They ran some blood work and put her on Steroids and Lasix ( a diuretic ) telling me that she was 'spilling' protein into her abdominal cavity and that the Lasix would get it out.
Every day I measured her and her tummy went down little by little.  At the same time however, she stopped eating, hardly drank, slept all the time, and was listless.
I took her back to the Vet.   They ran the blood work again, and told me that here ALT's or something like that, which should be less than 100, were 35,208 -- very very bad.  They said she has Liver Failure.   I was devastated.  At this point in time, I was able to get her to eat a little cat food ( bad for her due to the high protein levels, which she can't process )  but it was that or nothing.  Sometimes she'd eat a bit of a scrambled egg, or a bit of hamburger from our local Mc'Donalds ( not my choice, but hers )  anything to get some food into her.  I'd even syringe water in her mouth.   She hardly went to the bathroom, there was nothing to let out.
I took her back to the Vet, and they did a Bile test, where she had to fats, then drew blood, then they force fed her and took her blood again.  Bad news.  She's going to die.  Liver Failure for sure.
I had just come back from my Mothers Funeral 2 days earlier.   I was frantic to save Pea.
I found this website -  I called Mark - he suggested that I do the questionnaire and if she lived through the weekend, the custom formula would arrive on Monday.   That was Saturday January 26th. 
After I hung up with Mark, I called the Vet, we discussed putting Pea down that day - her tummy was completely yellowish brown by now, the whites of her eyes were also very yellow.  She lost her bladder, and was laying in her urine - looked like a animal rug ( the feet were out to the east west, and north south - not normal at all ).   I held her all day and night, she was shivering, so I put her in my bed and used the electric blanket to keep her warm, her temperature dropped from the normal 100's, to 99 and she was cold to the touch.   I prayed that she'd live through the weekend.   I spoke to her Breeder that night, thinking she might want to come and say goodbye, and she looked up her papers - it was Pea's 11th Birthday - January 26th.   Oh my gosh, to think she might die on her birthday.   I just cried.  
Well, she made it through the weekend, and the Custom Formula's arrived on Monday, just as Mark promised.   I began mixing them with a little water and chicken broth and syringing it down her throat - twice a day.   That was on January 28th.  
Pea is doing AMAZING!!!  Her stomach is no longer yellow - its the normal color, as are her eyes.   She eats regular dog food meals.  She loves her treats.  She runs with the other Papillon in the yard.  She hits the side of the bed in the morning to tell me to wake up - just like she used to.  She hits my leg when I'm in the rocking chair to tell me to pick her up and rock.  I can't hardly believe my eyes.  She barks again.  She's the NEW IMPROVED version of Pea.   It's a miracle.  The custom formula works.   I still give it to her twice a day with chicken broth, ( she tolerates the taste better ) and we have to use a bib ( as you can see in the picture ) because sometimes she just doesn't want it and spits it out or lets it dribble - she's a character.  There are no more shivers or trembling episodes.  She's regular with her bathroom habits again.  I'm so grateful and thankful for this site.   I've told all my friends and even put it on my facebook page.   Thank you and thank you again and again.  
Pea's very thankful and grateful Mommy.
PS:  I just ordered the formula for the Trachea/coughing, since the other Papillon, Pew,  spent the night in an Oxygen tent due to a coughing/choking spell.  I will write a review once he begins it.  :)  I'm sure it will make a huge difference.

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