Monday, April 8, 2013

Cough Conquered with Lung Qi Support Phlegm Heat & Hound Honey !!!!

Dear Pawhealer,

I want to thank you so much for your awesome herbs:  Lung Qi Phlegm Heat Formula with the Hound Honey Phlegm Heat Formula.  Last month my dog, Jimi Ray Hendrix (Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua Mix) (named for Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn) had a bad cough that became terribly bad.  He always had a cough that never went away since I got him in 2005, but this time it was to the point where he was coughing every few minutes, and he also had horrible wheezing.  It began to carry over to coughing throughout the night and I was holding him at night to keep him calm.  Since he didn’t have a purple tongue, was still very active, eating, drinking and pooping okay, I decided to go the herbal route, since I’d read some good testimonials on your website.  Plus, I wasn’t very happy about some of the treatments the vets were doling out for respiratory infections on animals and costing people thousands of dollars, which I didn’t have.  I started him on the combo 3x a day.  By the third day, I noticed a decrease in his coughing fits from once every couple of minutes to maybe a few an hour.  After a week, he was would only cough periodically.  After the second week, the coughing decreased even more.  So after three weeks, I decreased him to 2x a day – morning and night.  Within the past two weeks, I’ve put him on just at night.  I’ve only heard him cough once in the past week and it was just a quick, light cough.  He now runs and plays more with our younger dog, Lady Lucy, and he no longer has a coughing fit after chasing her around, like he used to.  Jimi will be 10 years old this June and he is still very youthful and active.  I will be keeping him on these herbs as a preventative, since he’s always had a cough.  Whatever it’s doing for his lungs is working and did I mention that he loves taking the medicine!  I spread the herbs on a small piece of bread and mix it with a  drop of honey.  I then give him the ½ teaspoon of the Hound Honey that he licks up from his own spoon.  He must have known this was medicine for him because when he was on the meds 3x and 2x a day, he would come and remind me by growling and dancing around my bed, like he does when it’s time for his walk or his water dish is empty.  For anyone whose pet suffers from respiratory issues, they should definitely give these herbs a try!

Michele Madison Robles
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