Friday, April 19, 2013

Heart Tonic & Heart Syrup + Rena GO work for Paco for Enlarged Heart

Paco is a 10 yr old small Pomeranian - horrid puppy mill survivor - Has been with me since 1/1/12 - rescued by COPR- soon after adoption -30% heart enlarged with collapsed trachea found - put on enapril for heart- had occasional honking and gag - at the beginning of 2013 noted increase in cough/gagging - tussigon helped some , was to give as needed for cough - He seem to sleep alot - appetite decreasing-urinating & drinking less water- was told of a chinese herb by a rescue person to give-purchased - seemed to make him worse 
I went searching on web for Chinese herbs for dogs, came across - read all they had to say about cardiac kidney herbs suggested. Called and talked with Marc who was extremely helpful and so confident in his knowledge of products - ordered the Combo group, with Empirical Heart Tonic, Honey Hound Syrup and Rena GO - that was first week of March 2013 - My Paco showed positive response from first dose. Each day got better. In 3 weeks, cut dose down to only once a day. Marc suggested to cut - when improved.
Results after 6 weeks - Paco is like a young dog, alert, playful again,eating and peeing well. only takes short naps and sleeps all night.I am so grateful to Pawhealers and amazed at the healthy change in Paco.
Peggy Cook
Pawhealer Response: the results can be this immediate although this is not the norm. It can take several weeks for the body to upload the herbs. But Paco's results are not uncommon as over the 5 years and thousands of cases we have done, we hear results like this weekly. 
Here is the Link if you need these products: Heart Tonic & Hound Honey Heart Syrup

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