Saturday, July 6, 2013

Questions About Heartworm Herbs and a Wolf!

Hello Everyone...

I recieved these questions from a customer and they are great questions. One of the questions was about using our herbal formula for Heartworm for prevention ...and the answer in this particular case is NO NEED TO USE IT...San Diego does not have Heartworm! 

I want to thank Tracy for her great questions, and I hope my answers can help other people as well.

Thanks Tracy, Dutchess and Ta-Tay!

Holly Mead
L.Ac/Clinical Herbalist

Hi Holly, the person I spoke to regarding the order below was also going to have the herbalist call me and maybe that’s you.  I see in the order confirm that specific questions should be directed to you so here I go.  If you’re not the appropriate person, please forward this email accordingly.

1)      Once I receive the Heartworm Support, I will start treating my high content wolfdog for occult heartworm infection.  We haven’t had her long and she came from mosquito/heartworm territory.  She’s an exotic animal mostly wolf in the 90% range so I’m wondering if the suggested dosage is the same for her.  Her weight is 85 lbs and she’s 8 years old.  She has a higher tolerance to remedies and doesn’t always respond.  Rescue Remedy and other herbal and natural products have been somewhat ineffective.

Dosage...I would expect the same...the dosage is based on weight for both dogs and humans..

Since she has no Microfilaremia or baby/offspring heartworm present in her blood, what should be the initial dosage of Heartworm Support … the higher suggested dosage outlined below in the order confirm or the lower dosage described on the bottle?  If the higher dosage, then given for how long because she already tests negative on the microfilaria test.

I would think the lower dosage since there are not any symptoms...Give it to her 5 days on and take two days off a week.

She has no signs or symptoms so I plan to treat her for the shorter 16 week duration and hope for a negative re-test at that point, otherwise I’ll continue treatment for the longer 24-36 weeks.  Since she has a higher tolerance to natural remedies, she may need to be treated for a longer period, but obviously, I hope for full effectiveness and that she responds immediately.

The thing is...that she needs to be tested after 6 months. Because even if the adults are dead...they may be in the heart decaying. This results in the DNA stil present. Thus, they can be dead and you get a positive...

2)      Is it safe to give her the Heartworm Support with your other products such as the Magic Flea Herb?  How about other natural supplements like Apple Cider Vinegar, garlic, Omega Oils, Glucosamine Chondroitin, MSM.  She did need a Parvo & Distemper vaccination last week and a chemical topical flea & tick application that I do not plan on doing again.  Is it okay to start the Heartworm Support with the vaccines and chemical in her system or do I need to wait a period of time before starting treatment?

Yes you can start right away. I like the idea of using Garlic, it is traditonal remedy used world wide to fight against parasites...Also, I would be really careful how much stuff you put into that sweet wolf..all that crap adds up and ruins the immune system. Try to stay as natural as possilbe, and work on stregthening her immune system. 

3)  I want to make sure I understand the usage/dosage for heartworm prevention as ongoing maintenance.  Is the dosage the same as for treatment based on weight but 7 days on 7 days off and repeat during a month and continuous throughout the year?  I live in San Diego (Encinitas) so do you think she needs prevention year round?

We are neighbors!!! You don't need any prevention, we don't have heartworm!!!! There are many articles written about this...I have 4 dogs and live in Escondido, they have never seen a flea, tick or heartorm poison! 

4)      Lastly, what’s the taste of the Heartworm Support?  Is it bitter?  I’m just trying to get an idea of whether she’ll eat it in her food or not.

The over all flavor is dogs will take it in the food, some won't...

I think that’s it … sorry for overload!  Thank you for your expertise.  Attached are some pics of my wolf, Duchess … and her Malamute/Arctic Wolf sister, Ta-tay.

Thanks again!

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Rockywuf said...

Holly, thanks for the helpful info. FYI, I do not vaccinate unless the Titers Test results (blood test) deem it necessary. Titers tests the immune system for protection against the specific disease such as Parvo or Distemper. I also give daily natural supplements to boost the immune system (i.e., apple cider vinegar). I try to do everything naturally.

I give the woofers Flea Free, a garlic & vinegar mixture, and I also want to try your Flea Magic powder. The recent chemical flea & tick application was an unusual necessity and last resort when the natural products were not working for a tick infestation.

As for heartworm prevention in San Diego, it is likely that Duchess contracted the heartworm here. She lived in rural, mountainous Julian in San Diego County for at least 5 years prior to joining our pack. We spend quite a bit of time in Julian and Baja California so do you still think heartworm prevention is not needed, particularly knowing that it’s possible she got heartworm disease here???

Many thanks!

Rockywuf said...

Holly, I have several more questions from your responses.

1) Dosage schedule is 5 days on and 2 days off. Do the 2 days off need to be consecutive or can it be split days during the week? Does it matter?

2) Can the Flea Magic Herb be taken with the Heartworm Support?

3) Should the herbs be refrigerated after opening? It doesn't say on the bottle.

Today is day 5 that Duchess has been taking the Heartworm Support. She eats it just fine in her food. I think she even likes the food better with it!


Unknown said...

1) I would make it consequitive, thus it gives the body time to other words, it will reduce tolerence.

2) Yes majic flea herb can be taken with others because they are different herbs..

3) No need to refrigerate! Its good she is eating it with her food, makes it alot easier on you!