Monday, July 1, 2013

Thanks from Lucy and Gunner...Anxiety and Bladder Stones

Thanks for Cindy from Temecula CA....her dogs are 15 years young, and she is using Chinese herbs to help with the aging process of these two beaustiful dogs...Next time Cindy comes to am going to make her custom formulas free of charge...We need to tonify Yang for both of these beauties...

Cindy has used Urninary Free the Flow for bladder stones and Calm the Spirit for the anxiety...

"My two older Australian Shepherds - Lucy and Gunner are both going to be 15 in August and September of 2013. They both are very healthy geriatric dogs! Lucy has had issues with body heat which has caused pooling in her bladder, the Chinese herbs Bladder Support and the Immu G.O and Rena G.O have helped her immensely! She is not licking as much and is much more comfortable. Gunner has had perfect health and then started getting a little bit of anxiety where he has been whining and licking everything and just seems "out of it." I started him on the Calm the spirit formula and he is much more relaxed now and seems to be back to his normal self. I am glad that I found Paw Healer as they are helping my older dogs age with ease."
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