Monday, November 25, 2013

PawHealer's Bladder Stone Remedy for Dogs Works Like a Charm...

Ginger has had bladder stone surgery twice and had chronic crystal and stones. I have tried everything on her. When she came up with more stones, I contacted Pawhealer and they gave her a bladder stone protocol. I could literally see stones passing when she urinated. After two weeks on the product, I took another sample in. The vet called alarmed; she said the urine was full of sludge and stones and wanted to do an ultra-sound and sterile urine culture. The ultra-sound was completely clean as was the urine specimen. The vet called confused saying everything was cleared out and just didn't know what to think! She is on a maintenance dose now and looks and feels great! Her weight is good and she has more energy than she's had in years! I will never take her off this product!!!

What a great success story....Ginger took the's Urininary Free The Flow: Basic Formula which is used when the dog has bladder stones, however there are not any symptoms such as interupted urine flow, dark urine, painful urination etc....Here is the formula

 PawHealer's Basic Bladder Stone Formula
Free the Flow Basic for Canine Bladder Stones

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