Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pawhealer's Cough Remedies for Cough Help Harry the Mountain Dog..

Thanks so much to Betty from Sherman Oaks for sharing her story!
My Mountain Shepard has been living with Bronchitis all of her life… She is now 11 yrs. I discovered lung support at the first of the year and have been giving it to Missy in her food. I can say it does help her so I continue to use it. I can't say it is 100% but I have noticed a difference in her breathing and spitting up when she is not on it. I only feed twice a day so I double the dosage and noticed it makes a difference to double it. Missy has not had it very easy for a few years now, especially during winter months with her bronchitis but what little it does help makes a huge difference. Modern medicine has almost destroyed her by doctors giving her predisone for her bronchitis and not having the answer to her problem. Missy struggles at 11 yrs but I am happy she is still with me. Betty

Link for: PawHealer's Cough Center Herbal Formulas for dogs chronic cough

This is the first time we received feedback from Betty...I was happy to receive the story, however it concerns me that Harry has to continue with the herbs. So, I went and looked up Harry's order to find that we have never received a cough survey. I have an e mail into Betty, because I am sure if we do a pattern survey on Harry, we can get rid of this cough all together.

There are many factors that help to get rid of a chronic dog cough...first and foremost is the food that is fed to the dog, then if its processed, we have to add enzymes to help manage phlegm, and thirdly and really really important is that we make sure we have the right cough pattern formula!

We are happy Harris is better...but I hope Betty gets back to me, so we can tweak the formula and get Harry phlegm free! 
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