Monday, June 30, 2014

Dog Heartworms..Gary's Great Story

Thanks to Gary for this great story....Gary...what a great person you must be. Most people would not take in a dog like this...

In May of 2013 I was driving home from work and saw this skinny brown dog in the middle of the road. He had been hit by a car and was dragging his left leg and his head was covered in blood. He is a tall dog but was so bony. I felt so sorry for him that I stopped and loaded him up in my car. He was in pain but he still wagged his tail and was so friendly. I took him to my vet and he said the head injury was minor and the leg was not broken but he had stage five heartworms. The vet thought he would die. But I would not give up on this sweat heart of a dog. I searched the internet for herbs and found the website for PawHealers. I sent and message and also called. I was so worried about him. He only weighed 54 pounds and he is a tall dog. He was having trouble breathing and was full of fluid. He was so weak we hand fed him and made him drink water. We set up with him all the time. Mark and several at PawHealers would stay on the phone with me as we talked about herbs and treatments for our baby. Finally he started gaining weight and his eyes were clearing up. He started moving more and was sleeping better. We had a very rough year with him. Almost lost him a few times. But you guys were always there with me on the phone with ideas to get him through this. I took him to the vet this past May, we have had him one year now. The vet was amazed and said it is a miracle. He is heartworm free and has no kidney or liver damage. But he does have an enlarged heart and breathing trouble. With Mark's help we will get him through this too. The vet said we need to get some weight off of him now he 100 pound baby. We call him Baby Huey. The vet wrote everything down we have done and is in love with our big old mute. We would not part with him for the world. He is beautiful. Thank you guys so much with all your help support and phone calls. Hope you got his picture I sent.
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