Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dog Fatty Tumors? Consider herbs to help transform phlegm/damp!

Thanks to Debra for sharing TJ's experience using Dissolve...For lumps and bumps.

Amazing reduction in multiple lipomas. He doesn't mind it mixed in with his food and a little water. Thank you for helping us give him a great quality of life.

Debra also goes on to tell us:

We are using dissolve with him. All the lipomas have reduced greatly. But, they are still stubbornly there and have not gotten any smaller. Any Advice? 

I consider it a big plus when large lipomas are reduced in size. Imagine, what they look like internally...they are not just unsightly, they also obstruct the network vessels and cause the dog's pain. The herbs in Dissolve All "move blood" which promotes circulation, which helps to eliminate pain.

So my answer to Debra is that some of the lipomas will not reduce.  What is really important is that no more form,and that the remaining few do not interfere with the dog's quality of life. If your dog moves better, and seems pain free...that's a great thing.

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