Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How Baxter Controls Seizures

Dear Dr. Pink Pinkerton and Pawhealer; (this is a happy PawHealer Customer)

I'm completely comfortable with the idea of sprinkling the granules on Baxter's (my Boston) food. To give a Reader's Digest version of his history: He is now 6 yrs old. When he turned 2 he became fear aggressive with no warning and would bite to the bone. I brought in a behaviorist who put him through puppy boot camp behavior modification and saved his life. Around that time he also started with extreme gas, belching, etc. Put him on a very high quality people food and life went on.

We had another BT at the time who developed severe grand mal seizures and went the traditional route with phenobarbital and the heavy salts. Two years later, we had to put him down because the drugs were at such a heavy dose they literally removed any inhibitions in this lovely guy and he would start fights with the others; all this and the meds were no longer functional anyway.

Baxter developed seizures about a year ago. Traditional vet started the routine meds and Bax still had seizures and odd behavior. I, personally, started him on a full raw diet and decided to go the holistic route as we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Found a wonderful holistic vet who gave him 2 homeopathic doses of belladonna, started him on Calm Repose, as well as magnesium lactate. No more seizures and a complete turnabout in personality. We cannot get over the difference. His coat is gorgeous, he has no awful breath odor, no gassy issues, and is so exceedingly healthy.

Now, have to find a holistic doc for me in the wilds of Buffalo, NY. I've just seen
to many positives from alternative meds.

This is a blog from a dog mom whose dog has eplipsey. The Chinese formula she is referring to is Tian Ma Gou Ting Yin. This formula is known to work very well for dogs with brain function issues.

Thanks for your story Cathy!
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