Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sparky Has Congestive Heart Failure

Spakry hails from Tacoma, Washington, and has just been told by the vet that he has Congestive Heart Failure and along with the fact that his trachea is now beginning to collapse.

Sparky is a 12 year old male Silky Terrier and other then this cough that has just started of recent, his mom says he is as active as a puppy and has no other health related issues.

The only real symptom that Sparky is exhibiting is the cough that worsens with activity. Unfortunately the recent set of x rays shows that Sparky does have an enlarged heart....

After asking Susana his mom many questions, the only real clue I could gather is a tendency towards dryness.

The cough is described as a gagging sound, as if Sparky is trying to cough up phlegm.

I asked about vaccinations and Sparky does get them on a yearly basis, and his mom did remember that about two years ago, after the shots, Sparky developed a cough that never really went away.

The only clue that I could ascertain as to what TCM pattern is the cough that is worse with exertion. The pattern that fits this symptomology is Blood Stasis with water obstruction pattern.

The treatment principle is to Boost the Qi and move the Blood, support the Spleen and disinhibit water.

I am also going to clear the lungs of any potential toxic heat, just in case there is any deep seated pathogen which may be aggravating the situation and causing an infectious cough.

The treatment plan will be to invigorate the blood circulation in the upper burner and dispel blood stasis, I will unblock the meridians and relieve pain, if any exist, and warm the Yang of the heart and dispel damp and phlegm

Sparky will need to take this formula long term. The formula is called Circulation and I'm going to modify it with some haang qi and hawthorne berry.

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Unknown said...

We had to resend herbs back to Sparky. We felt that the new formula that we were trying out was not as strong as it should of been.

We still have not received any good news from Susanna.

She says Sparky's cough has not changed. His cough is a very tight and dry and excess cough.

We are worried that our herbs are not doing the job here....