Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Doxie Has An Itch!

Dear Pinky and Pawhealer;

OK Anne Oaklee is a 7 year old sable/fawn 14# stocky dachshund.

Annes trouble began this summer we live in northeast Iowa she broke out fur sticking up flacky spots and lossing fur. We tought that it could be heartguard, she really broke out after getting it.

She was doing well untill we bought a new frig and DH was cleaning with some orange cleaner & pinesol (I do not use it unless I have to) and she broke out again.

Stomach problems began last January Vet put her on S/D sensitive Stomach, she also gets boiled Burger & Rice at night.

We had a big problem with glands even thought about having them removed we had to get them cleaned every 2 weeks that has not been a problem for awhile.

Anne sometimes likes cover and sometimes not. Her fur is on the coarser side and no dandruff unless she breaks out.

None of our neighbors spray and we bag our yard every time.

Anne does lick her front feet up to her arm pit. but there is no fur missing.

Pinky's response to Anne's mom is that the diet is everything. We suggested that she put Annie on the elimination diet and see if that helps reduce the itching.

Anne has a condition of Wind (itching), which because the Wei Qi (immune system) is weak as a result of poor digestion, Heat Evils are able to penetrate the superficial level, her skin.

Anne also has something called Damp Heat. This is indicated by the problems with the Anal Glands as well as her constantly licking her front paws and legs. The reason Anne is doing that is because her body actually is generating internal dampness, which leads to heat.

Our suggested treatment for Anne is to Dispel Wind (itching), clear heat, build the blood (immune system) and tonify the Spleen (work on her digestion)


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