Sunday, July 6, 2008

Baby Dumplin....

Dr. Pinky Pinkerton, the herbalist extraordinare (he is the handsome fellow sitting on the chair in the header)wants to strut his herbal stuff. Because once again the team has done it ....helped a dog that is coughing due to a weakened trachea, to stop coughing.

Dr. Pink wonders why people will sacrifice the health of a pet because the pet does not like something, although that something makes them better????

Bowser says Dr. Pink, if I was coughing and coughing, I would hope that my person would take the initiative and make sure I getting my herbs. Sure they don't taste great, but coughing all day long is much worse and could at the end of the day, kill me...BOWSER!

Don't people know that us canines look to people to help us?

Here is an e-mail from Betty, Baby Dumplin's person. Dr. Pink would like to pitch a pet peeve he has based on this e-mail....

Hello Holly, Just returned home from a trip . Baby Dumplin seems to be some better since using the formula. I will need to find another way to get her to take it as she doesn't like to eat the food that has it on it. Do you have any ideas ? Dumplin is 13 years old and as the old adage goes, " It's hard to teach an old dog. new tricks'! She has eaten the same food for years. She doesn't want to eat now, although, when she gets hungry enough, she will eat ! I have another younger dog and he wants to eat her food, with or without the formula. I have been away visiting my Family, so perhaps, now that I am home, I can get on a better routine. I feel I have wasted some of the formula as Dumplin didn't get all she needed. I sincerely feel she is not coughing or gagging as much, However, I will need to find another way to give it to her.

. My Daughter in N. C. gave one of her client's your email & phone number. You may have already heard from the lady. MY Daughter's Grooming shop is The Impeccable Pooch, in Banner Elk, N. C. Betty McCoy

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