Sunday, July 27, 2008

Meet Beanie Baby....No More Pepsid For Her!

Dr. Pinky Pinkerton, the PawHealer herbalist extraordiniare would like to introduce the beautifu Beanie Baby.

Poor Beanie Baby came to us after many doctor visits that seems to make her worse. Gina, her person, was distraught and a very nervous customer.

Gina had never used herbs before, but she knew that she had to do something for Beanie Baby, because Beanie Baby could not eat. After she would eat, it would hurt her stomach, and she would have to stretch her legs out in front of her as if something was really bothering her.

The only thing that worked for Gina, was when she would give Beanie Baby an over the counter anti-acid, and even that was not so great. Beanie Baby had just had Pancreatitis when she came to the PawHealer team and Gina was afraid to do anything because of her fear that Beanie Baby would get worse.

Well....Dr Pink Pinkerton says "Bowser" ........and told Gina that Beanie Baby had to get off of the over the counter human drugs because Beanie Baby is a dog! Dr. Pink Pinkerton and The PawHealer helped Gina understand that using human medications for that sweet Beanie Baby was not good for her long term health and well being.

Bowser.....says Dr. Pink......he was worried for Beanie Baby....but Gina then prevailed and sucked it up....and tried the herbs....and here is her testimonial to Dr. Pink Pinkerton's healing abilities;

hi holly(And Dr.Pink Pinkerton)

just checking in to let you know beanie baby is doing good so far....she will finish her wen dang Sunday....hopefully she will continue to do this zantac since 7-6-08 i will continue her on the natural digestive enzymes and the adrenal support and see whats happens....yes i have included several pics of her i would be pleased to have her on your blog(take your choice)being blk/white she doesn't come out to good LOL!!!!! thank you for all your help but am sure you will hear from me by the first of the week(no later than the middle) she has been so sick in the last 2 years and until your help she has not done this good

the first pic is of her the day after we adopted her 6-29-06 the next pic is about 9 months later trying to feel good and play the last pic is her out of the hospital(5) days this past nov.

yes i have more and more but sure you dont want to see all LOL just wanted you to see the size she was and is now...oops also wanted you to see her rear end before i called you the hair lost which has seem to stop for now

thank you and hope to talk to you soon

gina&beanie baby

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