Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meet Dutchess; Her Lipoma Story

Bowser says Dr. Pinky Pinkerton, Dutches has a story to tell the PawHealer blog!

Today the team received a call from her person (John), who wanted to send us a picture of the beauty and tell us how well she has been doing after only thirty days of taking the Lipoma formula. (Dissolve Lumps All Over)

John told us that Dutches's lumps had been the size of two of his hand palms!!!! Now the fatty lumps, which by the way, he has had removed three previous times, are now ONE HALF THE SIZE.

Whooo Hooo, saws Dr. pink and The PawHealer.

What did Dutches do different that make the herbs work so fast?

She changed her food to the recommended choice of Halo, the grain free mix that we recommend and that is sold at PetSmart or PetCo. This good food lets the herbs do their job to break apart the phlegm and damp. (lumps)

This is not the first time we have heard this story. Dr. Pink and I always stress that dogs with lumps need to be grain free, simple as that. It does not matter how good the current food is, if it is not grain free, this may be the problem.

Better safe than sorry...why not try changing the diet, what is there to loose? Nothing but fatty tumors says Dr. Pink!

The team believes strongly that the change in diet is key, and without that, the herbs will not do as good as a job.

Dr. Pink salutes John and Dutches! Good job team.....

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