Friday, May 24, 2013

STONEZYME -- Chinese Herbs Used For Bladder Stone Prevention

Stonezyme is the name of our product that we recommend to our customers to prevent bladder stones in dogs, cats and yes... humans!
Food Therapy For Dog Bladder Stones

Stonezyme is a combination of two Chinese herbs that supports good bladder health, it does this by promoting the free flow of urine. This is a combination of herbs that are used worldwide, and we have been providing them  to customers whom have sought out a natural approach so as to maintain their canine's bladder health by preventing obstructions within the bladder.

It is important for dog owners to understand that the mechanism of action, which is how these herbs actually work, is quite different than the terms used to prevent stones that are used by modern veterinary medicine.  It's been  through the accumulation of documentation over  thousands of years, as well as the herbal clinician's experiences, passing through generation after generation, that these herbals  are known to inhibit the formation of bladder stones, which TCM also refers to as obstructions.

However reader beware....preventing bladder stones is a western disease term....this is used simply as reference so that we can communicate, because Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses the term Damp-Heat to prevent bladder stones..thus Stonezyme actually prevents a Damp-Heat condion, which when it is severe,  transforms into Shi Lin  (Stone Dysuria). A bladder absent of Damp-Heat does not promote the formation of bladder stones. Thus, the fundamental difference between traditional and modern medicine is that Chinese herbs does not prevent stones, it  prevents accumulation of damp and heat which subsequently transforms into  hard accumulations known as Shi Lin....

Traditional Chinese medicine works in an entirely different construct then that of modern medicine, the two modalities are simply different and they do not cross reference, although it is tempting to try to force the square pegs of Traditional Chinese Medicine  into the round holes of modern veterinary medicine. Thus, many people miss the herbal experience because western veterinary medicine does not acknowledge the efficacy of alternative medicines.

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