Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nikko Stops Coughing!

Thanks so much to Robin from Redondo Beac, CA...who provided this testimonial for her dogs coughing:

So far Nikko's coughing is getting better.. and since he's lost weight he isn't collapsing. :) They love the flavor too. (Cough and Trachea support) Gigi is drinking more water so her bladder and stones haven't come back. Yeah!!

What's important for my customers to understand, is that coughing and bladder stones is most cases is a pattern callded  "Damp-Heat" the case, it is heat harassing the lungs, and where the bladder stones are concerned, it is the damp and the heat, pouring down.

Nikko was overweight, most likely due to eating processed food. Now that Nikko has begun to lose weight, and taken the herbs to drain the heat, transform damp, and stop coughing, he is doing much better.

If only I could get my wonderful customers to change feeding to fresh food...our little dog's would heal at record rates!

Thanks Robin...your testimonial helps me to teach others!

Holly Mead
L.Ac/ Clinical Herbalist
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