Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Henry's Lipomas....

 Pawhealer would like to thank Lorraine, from Erie, PA.....for sharing Henry's story. Henry has some pretty big lipomas... they are almost grape fruit size. Dissolve Herbal Formula has resolved smaller ones and soften the larger ones...however, after a period of time Henry has hit a wall and needed a custom formula.

We also asked that Henry go on a fresh food diet. I look at these lipomas as pockets of fat...a place where the body is dumping fat either due to a low quality food, a constitutional predisposition,  or overeating. Regardless of the cause....for dogs who develop these fatty pockets...lots of fresh food and exercise are life style changes that not only help rid the fatty tumors, but it also helps the overall well being of the pet.

Henry tolerated the Dissolve very well. I mixed it with warm water and added to his food. His smaller fatty tumors decreased in size. Sent message to  through Facebook with question about his large tumor. Response was great. Holly answered my inquiry immediately and very helpful and is making a formula to address Henry's large fatty tumors. Mark called and gave instructions on feeding and giving new formula being developed. So grateful for the concerns and advice received. Henry is 14 and so very precious to us.

 One other side note about Dissolve Herbal that so many customers report that the dog seems to have been mobility when taking the formula!

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