Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Yorkie's Collapsed Trachea...How PawHealer Helps Manage a Honking Cough...

Thanks to Shirley W. for sharing the story of Kelly-Anamarie a cute little yorkie.

Hello. I'm a 14-year-old yorkie who has been experiencing a collapsing trachea for a few years. Since mum bought me this product, I don't cough as much. She adds it to my food everyday and I don't even taste it. I still love my canned food, even with all the herbs that mum adds to it. Today, mum ordered Hind Leg Weakness: Yang Floating. She's noticing that my hind legs spread out, like I can't control them as well as when I was younger, altho' after awhile, they go back to normal. Since mum loves me so much and adds lots of herbs to my food, I feel and act like I'm younger than I am. I enjoy my walks everyday, and even tho' I sleep more in general, I feel that I'm a very healthy, happy doggie. Kelly-Anamarie

Cough Remedies for Honking Cough Symptoms

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