Monday, May 12, 2014

JU YU RYN's the Dog had a Honking Cough..Thanks for the referral Dr Swift DMV...

Thanks to Dr. Russel Swift DMV for referring Ju Yu Ryn to Pawhealer for her trachea problems. Dr Swift provides us with great pet products like Pettigreen, and all of our glandulars and organ meat whole food supplements.

Dr. Swift knows I have been working on phlegm related coughing for seven years now. Coughing is our thing at Read about Ju Yu Ryn!!

Thanks to Jacli P. for sharing their story...
"Ju Yu Ryn is a small sweet shih-tzu who suddenly began panting heavily for no apparent reason more and more often. Ju Yu Ryn, always the most playful of her sisters (there are three of them) suddenly played less and less and seemed to labour even when she was just walking. She also developed a loud honking cough and separating herself from the family to seek out cold places alone. Keep in mind that she has always slept cuddled up with her two sisters and all the sudden she insisted on being alone and laying on the cold marble floor. There was also the unexplained vomiting. When Dr. Swift diagnosed her with a collapsed trachea we were heartbroken and full of despair. But he suggested we try this combination. That was two years ago now and she has been more or less right as rain ever since. We have seen a huge turn around for our little girl. Within just a couple of weeks of starting these herbs the cough had lessened considerably, the play levels had started to come back up. Now you would never guess she has this problem. She is back to her old self and without any costly, dangerous, invasive surgeries. We are very grateful for this approach and highly recommend it."

Thankfully Ju Yu Ryn is a responder to the herbs. It takes hard work to manage chronic dog coughing. Lots has to do with what you feed your dog. From a traditional Chinese medicine point of view...phlegm is the genesis of chronic coughing problems. The phlegm obstructs the lung network vessels that's why Ju Yu Ryn had trouble breathing. The function of the herbs are to dry up phlegm...digestive and lung phlegm. The digestion is the maker of phlegm and the lungs are the holder of phlegm.

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