Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dog Coughing? Learn about how you can use authentic Chinese herbs to help manage canine cough symptoms.

What you should know about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using Chinese herbal medicine for pets and people.

First of most importance....if there are not options for different formulas for whatever ails you or your pet, and it's a single formula, then the herbal remedy is not presented authentically.

IF there is only one formula...that is a westernized medicine=one disease, and that is NOT how Chinese herbal formulas are to be assigned.

It's bothersome to wonder throughout the internet, and to go  to various sites, and because a particular formula has a Veterinarian name, logo, or whatever attached it then its okay, because it is not.

Lets take for an example the chief compliant of "cough", which is called "rebellious lung qi". THERE IS NOT JUST ONE FORMULA FOR THAT COMPLIANT.

Drives me crazy that I see websites that offer one formula for one compliant, when in fact, there are multiple patterns that may associated with one problem. Using our example using coughing:

Chief compliant or  disease name (that's how TCM refers to the problem): This example is the common canine compliant which is coughing...i.e., Rebellious lung qi  (ke sou). Check out the decision tree here. See how many different types of coughing patterns that may exist? (SEE CHART BELOW) offers on line the 4 most common canine coughing patterns. Interesting to note is that dogs are different in the terms of patterns than humans. Because dogs are so yang in nature, we must use herbs that deal with either excess yang or floating yang...We have the Lung Qi for Phlegm Heat is the most commonly used formula for chronic dog coughing, whereas in humans it is indicated for an acute situation.

So people!!! Just because they say Chinese herbs vet recommend, it does not mean that it is practiced correctly. Chinese herbal formulas are pattern driven. And that goes for all diseases, such as hind leg weakness, digestive problems, liver issues and matters of the heart. is unique in that we try to stay as true as possible to the idea of "one pattern one hundred diseases"....

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