Thursday, September 11, 2014

Collapsed Trachea Natural Remedy...Nicki the American Eskimo Knows it Helps....

Thanks to Cindy B for sharing Niki's picture and story of ccollapsedtrachea, here it is:

Nikki, my American Eskimo was diagnosed with Tracheal Collapse last year. I found Paw Healer on the computer, and ordered the product. Since using this my baby now sleeps all night without coughing, panting, jumping on and off the bed, and having to get water. We all sleep better now. has been working with dogs diagnosed with a collasped trachea for many years now. From a TCM perspective this is a disease of phlegm and the heat which binds to that turbidity.

I don't think of a "collaspsed trachea"..when i design herbal formulas for dogs that chronically cough, i think about how to get rid of the damp/phlegm. In most instances it will be a formula to clear phlegm-heat in the lungs. However there are many many different patterns that can be assigned to dogs that have been diagnosed with a collapsed trachea.

Like I always tell people. There are no magic bullets..good food, good herbs, exercise, weight control and a great vet..create a synergistic effect. Its hard work, but worth it.

Lung Qi Support for Phlegm-Heat.

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