Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dog Fatty Lumps? Read about more lipomas

Thanks for Monda for sharing Limo's Dissolve experience.

"Have been using Dissolve for five months. Limo has much more energy and can now jump upon the couch again. The little lumps are gone. The big one has moved down and back. Do give this product a try as we have seen good things. We recommend capsules - they are easier."

Notice she kept Limo on the Dissolve for a long period of time. I have many people who want to use one bottle and expect a magic bullet. Its not. There is work that goes with ridding a dog of lipomas. Diet is the first requirement. If your dog is overweight, get those pounds off. Lipomas are an excess yin substance. The body is not transforming all the food, thus the accumulation of phlegm/damp nodules known as Lipomas.

Unfortunately not every dog will respond to the lipoma aspect of the formula. However there are many side benefits. We invigorate the blood, which in most instances will enhance the dog's mobility. Those lumps and bumps obstruct the channels. So the herbs are helping move qi and blood which is always a good thing.

Here is the link for Dissolve 

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