Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dog Bladder Stone Help...Big Boy Corbin Feels Great!

Coben my 8 year old Great Dane was urinating blood and the vet wanted to do a x-ray, possibly surgery for bladder stones. I contacted Paw Healer right away and they came up with the combination for correcting his crystals in the urine. In about 2 to 3 months Coben was free from the heat and pain and no longer urinating blood. Thank you for all your help! I've also tried some other herbs for Coben from Paw Healer and he does well with all!

Thanks for Pepper sharing Corben's story. Corben has a tendency towards damp-heat. It affects his bladder and ears..and Pepper stays on top of that problem by using herbs to clear heat.

Corben used Urinary Free the Flow for Blood/Stasis Heat....and happily he is a happy peeing dog!!!

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