Friday, February 29, 2008

Shadow The Miracle Rescue Dog

This is Shadow when Rhonda the wonder dog mom rescued the poor little guy. Can you see how naked he is without his fur?

This is Shadow after 6 months ;

How darned cut is this little guy anyway?

Here is another picture; he looks like royalty!

Shadow's dog mom (She is also the dog mom of Shaman) contacted the PawHealer team to get some help with respect to Shadow's cough; Here is her correspondence to Dr. Pink Pinkerton Herbalist Extraordinaries and myself.

From: Rhonda
Date: 2/26/2008 3:47:45 AM
To: PawHealer
Subject: update/Shadow

Hi Holly:

After conversation with you regarding possible lung disease and trachea collapse, I began to think that Shadow's increasing honking and choking over the past three days (and sneezing and head shaking) might be more than allergies. I took Shadow to the vet and we reviewed his records. He did have several x-rays and cat scan with the resultant diagnosis of collapsed trachea (radiologist indicated narrowing or trachea). So, I forgot about that. (I shouldn't have forgotten. The vet bill that time was over $1,000.) Anyway, the vet confirmed that Shadow had a respiratory infection and started him on antibiotics and I can continue the herbs. I make chicken soup and stewed chicken for meals for Shadow and Shaman, and I just let the herbs dilute in the chicken soup. Is that ok? I couldn't imagine how else I could get the herbs down him. He's only eating once a day (rather than twice) so he's getting herbs 1xdaily rather than 2xdaily. That's the best I can do now. By the way, I thought I would share this info: I asked the Dr if she could hear any rails/etc in Shadow's lungs. She told me she read a study that indicated the Doc can only hear stuff in lungs after 60% of progression of disease. She wasn't too happy about that latest she said that even though she didn't hear crackles, etc., that didn't mean he didn't have a respiratory infection. Anyway, we now know that we have to keep a close eye on Shadow and when he starts to exhibit symptoms, he goes directly to the vet for diagnosis. Apparently, there is a correlation between collapsed trachea and lung (bronchitis or pneumonia or worse). So, I thank you for alerting me to the University of Florida study. (My vet was well aware of this connection.) The game plan is to see if the antibiotics help within the next week if so good. If not, we take the next diagnostic step.

Thank you for your help. I'll keep you posted.

Choose Peace,

Rhonda and Shadow (and Shadow's brother Shaman)

Dr. Pink and I sent Shadow two formulas. We have found that many of the dogs that have this lung problem usually have some skin issues. So Shadow got a PawHealer formula for relieving itch, which in the terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine is called "Wind". And of course Shadow also received our super doper Collapsed Trachea herbal cough formula.

There was a problem that she could not get Shadow to take the formulas, but I believe that the wonder dog mom, because she really works hard for her boys, is working through the issue. The PawHealer team believes that we actually have better results with the herbal formula which includes many herbs that fight infection, after all that's what causing the cough.

What's next for this super mom? She is working on feeding the best food she can to heal these dogs through the concept of Chinese food therapy.

The PawHealing team has promised her a blog about super foods that watch for it!

Shaman; How Can We Help You?

From: Rhonda
Date: 2/26/2008 7:51:41 AM
To: PawHealer

Maybe you can help me with Shaman's problems. Shaman is a 14 yr old Shih Tzu who had prednisone for one week and developed demodex (commonly called red mange, a follicular parasitic mite infestation. The original infection was horrific. Shaman can never take prednisone again. The original infestation cleared up mostly, however Shaman has had an infected toe for 1 1/2 years that is red and hot and sometimes oozy because he licks and licks. We go to the dermatologist constantly and she has prescribed a zillion different antibiotics (when she cultures bacteria its a sure sign he has become resistant to that type of antibiotic.) Anyway, the monthly cultures indicate maybe one or two mites...they are insanely itchy so he is at his paw all the time. This causes other problems with the toe.... in fact, not that either one of us likes this, Shaman now takes interceptor (poison) every other day because the mites never really completely clear up. So, this means to me that his immune system is compromised. Shaman also has a horrible bony growth getting larger and larger emanating from his right front paw dew claw. He's constantly licking this paw also. He licks both raw and bloody....And from all the licking (?) he seems to have crusty, scabby stuff around his mouth. This does not heal up. We've tried a zillion different medications. Nothing is really working. I'm not opting for surgery for the dew claw problem because of his age and the dangers of anesthesia. Any ideas? Need any more info?

Okay, so what we have here is some definite Damp Heat heat at the skin level along with Blood level Heat.

Damp Heat skin related problems are associated with dermatitis, eczema, skin rashes, itching, ear itching, and hot spots.

Clinical Signs include skin eruptions, erosions, redness, thick/yellow smelly secretions, itching, scab formations as well as possible hair loss.

Clearly we can see from Rhona's description that Shaman has Damp Heat. The PawHealer team instructed Rhonda to review Shaman's diet....and she did admit that this little scamp shares her food!

Oh no said the PawHealer team!

This is such a hard thing for pet owners, especially when the pet is in "The Golden Years"...we want them to be happy.

But...none the less the following is critical for recovery;

Food Therapy; Which is so very important. Dr. Steve Marsden, a well known holistic DVM states that when a pet is subjected to Damp Heat which is the root cause of the skin condition, in most instances, will be related to a diet that has been rich in grains. It's his suggestion that the pet be immediately taken off the grains because they that are toxic to the pet's digestion.

Lets move on the the Mange part of the skin problems. Mange is a autoimmune-mediated disease. In other words, Shaman has a weak immune system, and as a consequence, those little mites, which are part of the disease, dig into his skin, then causing that constant intense itch.

Chinese medicine would say that Shaman's Wei Qi is very weak, along with the fact that he has a condition of Blood Heat. The conditions that are associated with Blood Level Heat are lupus (DLE), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), pemphigus folicaceus, and other autoimmune-mediated diseases.

Symptoms that are associated with Blood Heat are depigmentation, crusting, erythema, ulceration of the skin and erosions.

We are going to make a special formula for Shaman that will Clear Blood level Heat, clear Damp Heat at the skin level, and transform internal middle Jiao Dampness.

We are also thinking about putting something into the formula to tonify the Wei Qi.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I will also be posting a menu for Rhonda and Shaman!

Good luck Shaman you handsome fellow.

Pinkyand The PawHealer

Thank You From Baby Dixie

This morning.. Pink Pinkerton and I opened up our customer mail to find this from Dixie and her mom posted on the blog...Dixie Baby Hanging In There .


It's a very nice thank you...we are still thinking about her today...because she is seriously sick. But we truly appreciate the picture. We sent off an e-mail asking her to keep us up to date.

Her name before Dixie was Holly, which is my name (The PawHealer)....I hope it is some sort of fate and that this sweet girl is going to be okay.

I found out last night during my clinic shift that the treatment we sent her was considered to be an advanced use of the formula xue fu zhu yu tang. I have given it to Dixie to help her move the massive phlegm out of her chest. Normally this formula is used for heart related issues.

My professor was quite surprised that I used this formula for this type of illness, because he said its not been written about here in the U.S, and he has only seen it in Chinese literature.

We feel very proud that we did something special for Dixie.....

 Pink Pinkerton and I are going to keep thinking about Dixie today.....Bless You strong.

Pinky The PawHealer

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dixie Baby...13 Weeks Old and Hanging On

Dr. Pink and I have met many new dog moms this past week and we're going to get their stories up on the blog, but we especially wanted to post about Dixie who is a 13 week old Bull Dog.

What a sad story this one is.

Teresa called the team yesterday, and told us what has been happening with her Dixie. Right now the little sweet dog is in pretty bad shape.

Dixie has been diagnosed with a Collapsed Trachea....Awwww, a Bull Dog I said?

Before the conversation went any further, I asked her if Dixie had become ill shortly after receiving her vaccinations, and of the course the answer was yes.

Dixie had started coughing exactly two short days after receiving her vaccines, and has been getting worse since the whole thing started.

Dr. Pink and I are incredulous about this stuff.....How come no one else is not noticing this stuff? How many dogs have to get sick after these shots until someone starts to notice?

First of all Bull Dogs don't get Collapsed Tracheas....

Here is the scoop on this case;

The Vet has told the fur baby's mom Teresa that Dixie might have a deformed trachea, but they can't confirm it..huh?

The Vet now tell Teresa that Dixie really has no options, they are wanting to charge $4100 to do a tracheal wash, and then they are saying, that Dixie probably can't make it through the procedure because she has pneumonia.

They are saying that they need to do a culture in order to find an antibiotic that can work against this infection, but by the time she were to go through the procedure and the time to take to get the culture to grow, which it may not, because of the antibiotics she has already taken, Dixie will have died.

What a cluster F---, me and Dr. Pink Pinkerton have been so upset about this story.

So what did we do to help Dixie?

Dr. Pink and I put together our Collapsed Trachea formula which is a formula that is also specified for acute pneumonia. We layered the formula with a great formula from our supplier that is an herbal antibiotic that consists of about 20 different herbs that are known to have an anti viral and anti bacterial effect.

We also added a second formula based on xue fu zhu yu tang and added dan shen. This is to move blood in the upper burner due to blood stasis. We are using this formula to help move the blood so that Dixie can breath easier as well as break up congestion through out the area of the chest.

This formula was also recommended by Dr.Steve Marsden DMV for Kennal Cough.

Our hopes is that we get some good results, if we get any thing positive back, we would like to add one more formula. Hopefully it is not too late and her lungs are not too filled with fluid that we can't do anything for the sweet baby pooch.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I are going to think of Dixie all day today....bless her heart


Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscars Collapsed Trachea BETTER! and a THANK YOU

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I received a nice surprise in the mail the other night.

It was a thank you note for a dog mom that was returning some herbs to us that I had accidentally sent to her for another customer. She was nice enough to return them to me.

Some people are very funny, they won't don't want to talk to us about their dog. They just want to order their herbs on line and be done.

In this case Yvonne gave Dr. Pink Pinkerton and myself received a call about two weeks ago. All Yvvonne wanted to know was if it was "normal" for her dog to have the sound in his chest as if the phlegm was breaking up, because it was really really breaking up.

First, I really don't have the answer to that because every case we have worked with is very different. So I told her that I really had not heard of that reaction, but did she believed, based on what she was telling me that it seemed as if the phlegm was breaking up in a way that Oscar seemed better?

Well she said, he did seem more comfortable and he was now able to sleep. You see Oscar had just had the stint implanted, and yet he still continue to violently cough and that's why Yvonne was turning to the PawHealer team.

Well of course Dr. Pink Pinkerton and myself were a little worried after that phone call. We had no idea if Oscar was benefiting from theherbs and we couldn't call her, because you could tell from Yvonne's voice that she really did not want to have to discuss anything with the team, so we did not feel calling her back was an option to learn Oscar's fate.

Two weeks pass, and Dr. Pink and I from time to time wonder how Yvonne's Oscar is doing.....and then we received this very nice welcome note from Oscar's dog mom.

These are things that make the team feel really great!

Pinkyand ThePawHealer

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Doris D. and Her Half Wolf Bear

Dr. Pink and I received a call from Doris about 4 weeks ago. Doris is from Arkansas and she was calling the PawHealer team to see if we could help with her 12 year old Bear.

Bear is a Chow mixed with a Wolf, he weighs 80lbs and sadly, according to Doris, Bear was loosing all the use of his hind quarters.

Doris told us that Bear had been diagnosed with Arthritis of the hips and the right leg. However the symptoms that Doris was conveying to Dr. Pink Pinkerton (herbalist extraordinaries) and me (The PawHealer) sounded more along the line of some sort of paralysis. See Doris told us that Bear was actually dragging himself around and he was not able to lift up his hind quarters.

Here is Bears medical history;

Male Wolf/Chow 80lbs
Bad breath
Takes medicine for seizures because he had distemper as a puppy and almost died
No problems with bladder control, does have some bad teeth
Does not seem to run hot, he does bark a lot (he watches over Doris)

The team did not have much to go on as you can see, so we clung to the idea that Bear had some sort of internal deficient heat. We based this on the fact that he had bad breath (heat causes the breath to become sour) as well as bad teeth problems. The other clue of course was the weakness of the hind quarters.

Dr Pink and I did not see it as Bi Syndrome (Arthritis) because it sounded as if Bear was loosing sensation of his limbs, and the way the Doris described Bear's situation was that of being flaccid, as if he had lost control of his limbs, not as if he was any pain.

Based on the hind quarter weakness and based on the past medical history of Distemper, Dr. Pink Pinkerton and myself believed that Bear was suffering from Liver-Kidney Yin deficiency.

We prescribed to Bear a famous Kidney Yin tonic called Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan to clear deficiency heat (causing weakness of lower back and hind quarters) and we also included Si Miao San for the heat in Bear's stomach causing the bad breath, and we sent it out to Doris while keeping our toes and fingers crossed hoping that it worked for her wonderful and trusted friend Bear.

7 Days later;

We received a call from Doris....Bear had actually gotten worse and he couldn't get up at all. Doris was distraught and was looking into buying a cart for Bear. She just couldn't put Bear down because besides not being able to stand, Bear was doing fine. He was hungry, he was thirsty and continued to do his watch dog duties.

Dr. Pink and I instructed Doris to DOUBLE the dosage of herbs, and not give up. After we hung up, we felt terrible for Doris and Bear....we thought our herbs had failed to help Doris out.

7 Days later after the last phone call;

We were checking messages and we had a message from Doris. We dreaded what we maybe were going to hear, I thought Bear must be worse or dead...When we got Doris on the phone, we were shocked with what she told us.

Bear was actually walking....up to that point Doris was helping Bear walk with a sling. Because it was a beautiful and warm day, she left Bear out to enjoy the morning. When she came back to bring him in the house, incredibly Bear was walking around the parameter of her house and had actually climbed a small hill!

Doris was calling the PawHealer team to order more herbs for Bear because he was doing so much better!

How exciting and exhilarating for the PawHealer team.

This time around we filled decided that we wanted to tonify Kidney Essence with the very famous formula You Gui Wan. We also modified the formula with some herbs that will provide pain relief as well as to continue to nourish the Kidneys.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I think of Doris everyday. Bless her heart for helping her dog friend Bear through such a difficult time. Many people would of just given up hope...

We feel honored that Doris D trusted the PawHealing team to help her with the wonderful Bear.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unhappy Non-Customer

This person never bought herbs from Pawhealer. But she is unhappy with us and wants to let others know it.

So I thought I would do it for her. She believes that we are only interested in selling herbs, which of course is not true. There is very little money to be made selling herbs for pets online. We do this because we love to help animals and its that simple. She also does not believe that I have a dog with renal disease. Anyone how reads my blogs knows about Sweet Orbit and his journey of living with Kidney disease...Yes I do have a dog, I have four of them!

But we feel it is important that we give this pet owner a chance to say what she thinks of us.

She is entitled to her opinion, so I will post it for her;

Holly, Want to let you know I would like you to take Mickeys and mined blogspot off your website. Because I didn't like your answer to what you was saying about Mickey and I and about me canceling your herbs. I feel that you are progressing Mickey condition wrong with the public. And I feel you had no business telling about my business of if it was wrong or not of my caring of Mickey. I feel I have been doing all I can to help my baby Mickey and I am still doing it. And any how, how do I know for sure that your herbs would help Mickey any? If the blogspot about Mickey and I am not off your websie by the end of the day the public will hear my side of it and the truth. I have the right to tell you to remove the wesite. I see now all you are worried about is selling your herbs and you are not going to use us to do it. I did like the website you had about us at first, but didn't like how you address the of the second one you address about us. Like I said if the website isn't off by the end of today Feb.19, 2008, I will take what ever actions I can about this matter. And let the public know it was all about your herbs and not about the caring of Mickey.
Your co operation in this matter is greatly appreicated.


Re: Kidney Failure about Mickeys Website

Holly we'll see who has the free speech !!!!!!!!! You have a sick dog too or have no dog at all. Don't you worry about my sick dog KISS !!!! You are the one that maded my dog worse by your stew, at lease he was doing ok til he ate it and couldn't stop with the diarrhea. That shows how much you care about animals when you address Your the one with the sick dog. That's ready showing care for animals !!!!! I have to say too YOU ARE SICK the way you talk. And I'm not emailing you anymore and I do have the right to tell you to stop emailing me at once.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Herbal Formulas For Honking Coughs

We've had great success with this particular problem which is a chronic cough. Especially effective if the dog has just recently started the awful "honking cough". If the cough is not too far advanced, I simply use herbs to scour and rid the Lung of toxic Heat.

What does that mean in English? From a TCM perspective there's a deep seated pathogen (germ) that lurks deep down in the airways that causes this respiratory distress.

This as a two phase cough. Phase one is the horrible honking cough. I treat this as an infectious type of cough and use herbal antibiotics to scour the lungs. This phase of treatment can take as few as thirty days and up to about sixty days.

The second phase is the weak cough that is left after phase one's herbal treatment. Its a very weak cough, but is always there. I still view this as infectious, but the Lung heat is not as intense, so in this case, I mildly continue clear heat as well as rebuild the Qi of the Lungs.

It is important that if your dog is in phase one, and we treat the cough, and then the cough is reduced, you MUST then do phase two herbal formula. This is to actually tonifytonify the Lung Qi.

In plain English this means that we are actually introducing herbs that help the dog's body repair Lung function. If this step is not followed after phase one, then most likely the cough will return.

Phase two's herbal formula rebuilds Lung tissue and rebuilds the dog's constitution. Please understand that this is a serious disease, and it takes time to heal this very chronic and devastating condition and it takes follow through.

Herbal formulas for Honking Cough


We Don't Understand...

Dr Pink and me (pawHealer) are a little irritated today.


Yesterday we posted about the sick dog that had Kidney disease. We are very familiar with this disease because our family member Sweet Orbit also has renal failure but we control it through food and herbs.

We received many messages from Micky's owner about his worsening condition and we have tried to help her figure out what is best for her Mickey because Micky is getting five shots a day of sodium/chloride, and something is not working.

Mickey is not eating and that is a very bad sign. The PawHealer team gave Phylis our opinion which is that since Mickey is getting worse, she needed to review Micky's current treatment plan because treatments are given to make a dog BETTER not worse.

We also gave her some links to review so that she could understand our concern, we could not find a treatment protocol that matched what her Mickey was receiving. And since we live our selfs with renal failure, and have never heard of this as a mainstream treatment, we feel it is worth questioning.

The team also recommended that she get a second opinion. There is a saying;

"There are no wise men"

What does she do next?

Phylsis cancels her order of herbs!

The one thing that Dr. Pink and the PawHealer know for sure that will help her dog and most especially it will help with the problems with his tender stomach.

There is a saying;

The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting to get a different result....


Friday, February 15, 2008

Mickey; A Sick Little Dog With Kidney Disease

Dear Dr. Pink Pinkerton and PawHealer

Hi, I seen your website for Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs. I would like to know if you have something that can help my dog with kidney failure. His kidney count was 61 and the vet had him for a day with an IV in him,when I took him home his count was 36. I have him home now for about a week and half. And I am giving him fluid shot in his neck now once a day. He is drinking water good, but I'm having a problem with him eating. One day he will eat good and the next day he won't eat. The vet got me to buy Hills Prescription Diet k/d dry and can dog food, but he won't touch the can food at all. The vet want him to eat the dry above food everyday, but I can't get him to do it. I want to know if you have any kind of Medicine that would help him and help him start eating more. I couldn't find anything on your website where you can order anything for Kidney Failure. Please ASPA. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Your co operation in this problem with my dog kidney failure is greatly appricated.

Thanks Again,

Bless her heart, Pink Pinkerton and I feel very sad for this lady and her sick dog. But never fear, we do believe that we can help this little dog become a bit more comfortable by giving herbs that will enhance the appetite as well as support these broken down Kidneys.

The first thing we did is tell Phyllis how to cook food based on food therapy which will also help the action of the herbs. Here is a basic diet for dogs with Kidney failure;

In a crock pot cook

Kidney (yes the organ meat) and all the blood that can be added to make the stew juicy
black or brown rice (pre-cooked and added after its soft_)
precooked Kidney beans
yams (the yams should be very soft and mushy by the time it's done cooking)

Let it cook for about 4 hours on high so that it all blends together.

You can also switch Livers for the Kidneys...alternate them.

Now for the formulas that we selected for Mickey;

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang; this formula will help her dog with the appetite problem. This is accomplished by transforming damp that's accumulating and causing the dog to have stomach upset. This means that right now Micky cannot digest food, and his loss of appetite is the signal for him not to eat, because he cannot properly move the food through his digestive system

The next formula is a famous formula called You Gai Wan.

The indications for this formula are exhaustion from long term illness, aversion to cold, coolness of the extremities, weak back and knees, and in bio-medicine terms Renal Failure.

In other words, cold is setting into the body, the Kidney's which has the job of warming the body is beginning to fail. It is the job of this formula to help re-light the Ming Men Fire that is generated by the Kidneys and keeps the body from cooling. We want to warm Mikcy back up!

We hope the best for Micky because he has been in Phylis's life for 15 years, bless her and bless Micky....


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ella's itch and her Collapsed Trachea..Doing Great!

This is from Cathy Ella's dog mom. Ella was suffering from a minor case of Collapsed Trachea. But in Ella's case, because of her weak lungs, she was having significant skin problems. You can read about the Ella from a previous post.

We worked out a formula for Ella, but Cathy who is a chief, decided to take Ella's health into her own hands. Cathy went out and bought every book about a cooking a healthy diet for Ellathat would promote the healing of her lungs, as well as taking the herbs.

Ella didn't like the herbs much, but she did like Cathy's cooking. As you can see by Cathy's message to us, Ella is a much healthier and happier dog.

Hi Pawhealer and Dr. Pink Pinkerton

Just wanted to give you the latest. The
> > cough has all but stopped, when she does have it
> its
> > not for longer than a couple of seconds. The
> itching
> > has just about ceased altogether, her fur is
> looking
> > softer and smells wonderful, she has more energy
> and
> > is playful and energetic. I am making all her food
> and
> > don't think we will go back to commercial, doesn't
> > matter how 'holistic' it is. I'm making her
> delicious
> > stews of chicken and veggies and now also make her
> > biscuits. Thankyou for all your help and advice,
> I've
> > learned an awful lot these past couple of weeks.
> > Hope you are in good health, Cathy and Ella


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Thank You To the PawHealer Team

We've been so busy, that Pinky and I have neglected to keep up with our posts. We're going to make an effort to post at least every other day. That's because we are having wonderful success with our very complex cases.

This thank you note is from a pet owner whose dog has Congestive Heart Failure. Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I conferred and we decided to make a fundamental change to Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang, which is a formula that helps move the blood through the heart.

We added a very famous herb called Dan Shen the base formula. This wonderful herb is the most studied herb for heart related issues. And as you can read from the thank you note below, our modification helped the quality of life for a very sick little dog.

Here is the thank you note from a very happy dog mom!

Dear Admin,

There is a request posted by Theresa

Detail Are

First NameTheresa
Last Name

SubjectMy Order
Phone No
Best Time to Callafter 4:00 or anytime on weekends
DetailsThis is my second order of this and the last time you sent me Xue Fu Zhu Tang/Dan Shen. This seems to finally be working and my dog is coughing much less than before. Thanks so much, Theresa

There is nothing that doesn't make me and Pinky feel as good. We love helping others!