Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ella's itch and her Collapsed Trachea..Doing Great!

This is from Cathy Ella's dog mom. Ella was suffering from a minor case of Collapsed Trachea. But in Ella's case, because of her weak lungs, she was having significant skin problems. You can read about the Ella from a previous post.

We worked out a formula for Ella, but Cathy who is a chief, decided to take Ella's health into her own hands. Cathy went out and bought every book about a cooking a healthy diet for Ellathat would promote the healing of her lungs, as well as taking the herbs.

Ella didn't like the herbs much, but she did like Cathy's cooking. As you can see by Cathy's message to us, Ella is a much healthier and happier dog.

Hi Pawhealer and Dr. Pink Pinkerton

Just wanted to give you the latest. The
> > cough has all but stopped, when she does have it
> its
> > not for longer than a couple of seconds. The
> itching
> > has just about ceased altogether, her fur is
> looking
> > softer and smells wonderful, she has more energy
> and
> > is playful and energetic. I am making all her food
> and
> > don't think we will go back to commercial, doesn't
> > matter how 'holistic' it is. I'm making her
> delicious
> > stews of chicken and veggies and now also make her
> > biscuits. Thankyou for all your help and advice,
> I've
> > learned an awful lot these past couple of weeks.
> > Hope you are in good health, Cathy and Ella

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Holly, thanks for checking in on us, Ella looks
great on the internet, fame at last !!!!. We are doing
really well, I had noticed that some random symptoms
cropped up during her 'detox', thank goodness I have
now read enough not to panic. We continued with the
homecooked diet, adding cod liver oil and occasionally
a glucosamine supplement. Ella is very happy, she
looks wonderful and has taken on a puppyish aspect, we
play a lot more, this whole experience has made us
closer, one of the crossroads in pet owning I think is
to take this big step to reclaim your pets health. I
also find it very enjoyable to nurture my dog in this
way. I would urge all pet owners to take matters in to
their own hands and heal their loved ones with herbs
and good food.
I will keep you updated and will keep the details of
the lung formula you mentioned, I'd like to have some
on hand.
Work is going much better, thankyou for asking, I feel
fortunate to have had time to care for Ella, her
health is more important than anything.
With all blessings, Cathy and Ella