Saturday, February 16, 2008

Herbal Formulas For Honking Coughs

We've had great success with this particular problem which is a chronic cough. Especially effective if the dog has just recently started the awful "honking cough". If the cough is not too far advanced, I simply use herbs to scour and rid the Lung of toxic Heat.

What does that mean in English? From a TCM perspective there's a deep seated pathogen (germ) that lurks deep down in the airways that causes this respiratory distress.

This as a two phase cough. Phase one is the horrible honking cough. I treat this as an infectious type of cough and use herbal antibiotics to scour the lungs. This phase of treatment can take as few as thirty days and up to about sixty days.

The second phase is the weak cough that is left after phase one's herbal treatment. Its a very weak cough, but is always there. I still view this as infectious, but the Lung heat is not as intense, so in this case, I mildly continue clear heat as well as rebuild the Qi of the Lungs.

It is important that if your dog is in phase one, and we treat the cough, and then the cough is reduced, you MUST then do phase two herbal formula. This is to actually tonifytonify the Lung Qi.

In plain English this means that we are actually introducing herbs that help the dog's body repair Lung function. If this step is not followed after phase one, then most likely the cough will return.

Phase two's herbal formula rebuilds Lung tissue and rebuilds the dog's constitution. Please understand that this is a serious disease, and it takes time to heal this very chronic and devastating condition and it takes follow through.

Herbal formulas for Honking Cough

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