Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dixie Baby...13 Weeks Old and Hanging On

Dr. Pink and I have met many new dog moms this past week and we're going to get their stories up on the blog, but we especially wanted to post about Dixie who is a 13 week old Bull Dog.

What a sad story this one is.

Teresa called the team yesterday, and told us what has been happening with her Dixie. Right now the little sweet dog is in pretty bad shape.

Dixie has been diagnosed with a Collapsed Trachea....Awwww, a Bull Dog I said?

Before the conversation went any further, I asked her if Dixie had become ill shortly after receiving her vaccinations, and of the course the answer was yes.

Dixie had started coughing exactly two short days after receiving her vaccines, and has been getting worse since the whole thing started.

Dr. Pink and I are incredulous about this stuff.....How come no one else is not noticing this stuff? How many dogs have to get sick after these shots until someone starts to notice?

First of all Bull Dogs don't get Collapsed Tracheas....

Here is the scoop on this case;

The Vet has told the fur baby's mom Teresa that Dixie might have a deformed trachea, but they can't confirm it..huh?

The Vet now tell Teresa that Dixie really has no options, they are wanting to charge $4100 to do a tracheal wash, and then they are saying, that Dixie probably can't make it through the procedure because she has pneumonia.

They are saying that they need to do a culture in order to find an antibiotic that can work against this infection, but by the time she were to go through the procedure and the time to take to get the culture to grow, which it may not, because of the antibiotics she has already taken, Dixie will have died.

What a cluster F---, me and Dr. Pink Pinkerton have been so upset about this story.

So what did we do to help Dixie?

Dr. Pink and I put together our Collapsed Trachea formula which is a formula that is also specified for acute pneumonia. We layered the formula with a great formula from our supplier that is an herbal antibiotic that consists of about 20 different herbs that are known to have an anti viral and anti bacterial effect.

We also added a second formula based on xue fu zhu yu tang and added dan shen. This is to move blood in the upper burner due to blood stasis. We are using this formula to help move the blood so that Dixie can breath easier as well as break up congestion through out the area of the chest.

This formula was also recommended by Dr.Steve Marsden DMV for Kennal Cough.

Our hopes is that we get some good results, if we get any thing positive back, we would like to add one more formula. Hopefully it is not too late and her lungs are not too filled with fluid that we can't do anything for the sweet baby pooch.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I are going to think of Dixie all day today....bless her heart

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Aunt Debbie said...

Dixie is my "niece" and her Mommy is sooo worried as well as the rest of the family. We just know your herb combination is going to bring Dixie out of this. She is a tough little girl and we love her very much. Thank you for your help and please continue to pray with us that she is well and playing very soon.
I Love You Dixie Love Aunt Debbie

Unknown said...

awwwwww, thanks so much.....she has stayed in our thoughts all day today, and we have told so many people about her fight to live!

Bless Dixie!