Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Shihtzu and his Bladder Stones!

Browser says Dr. Pinky Pinkerton (herbalist extraordinaire) and Nurse Daisy...they are so excited to have a blog written about the stone support Formula....

Customer Blog; to read click here

Ahhh shucks says Dr. Pink....just a little shi wei, and zhu ling will do the trick..its not magic it's CHINESE HERBS ....wolf!

I want to let everyone know that my shiht-zu of 4 years and 7 months has bladder stones...I first noticed a problem last year in October. Just last week 4/19/09 I had to rush my dog to a 24 hour animal hospital because he looked faint because he couldn't urinate. My dog was 100% clogged with bladder stones. He was quiet, depressed and his bladder was large and firm. In order to make him comfortable they put a urinary cath and flushed his bladder 3 times. He was given some antibiotics just for the temporary relief. I thought that this would be the end of it but to my surprise it wasn't. I was told he needed surgery within 24 hours because he would clog again and this could cause his death. I was in shock. When they told me the cost of the surgery I about fainted $1400 dollars and it needed to be paid all at once. I fell to my knees because I could not afford it. In frenzy, I began to call other Vets and pretty much it was all the same. I came home in tears and distraught in hope to find something for my dog. I began surfing the net for options and I found PAW HEALERS. I read some of the testimonies and I immediately got on the live chat and received a phone call immediately. I was told there was hope and was sent the remedy for Bladder and Kidney Stones. I wasn't sure this was going to work but at this point I had no other choice. I'm glad I did because today 04/28/09 Coco is still with me and back to his old self. He urinates with no difficulty and is back to his hyper self. He shows no signs of straining when urinating and is just doing fine like if nothing ever happened. I am forever grateful to Paw Healers for saving my COCO....I love him dearly and if it wasn't because of this remedy I don't believe he would be with me today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I've taken a picture of the diagnosis from the animal hospital so you all can see the severity of his stones. I have also included a picture of Coco today!!! He has not suffered any type of side effects from this treatment.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Jessie's Success Story! Her battle With Collapsed Trachea

Bowser says Dr. Pink Pinkerton...He's honered to add Jessie to his list of friends! Dr. Pinkey Pinkerton and Nurse Daisy say thanks for the picture and the Thank You.

A[SPAM] Jessie's success story
Date:Fri, Apr 24, 2009 3:12 pm
I have a 12 lb Silky Yorkie that is 11 years old. We have been to 3 different vets in the last 2 1/2 years trying to discover what was wrong with her. She had a persistant cough that shook her entire body. They thought it was kennel cough and gave her meds. Then they thought it was a collapsed trachea and then they thought it was bronchitis. After approximately $1400.00 in vet bills with no positive results and the vets telling me that they did not know WHAT was wrong with her, I took her off everything and tried to live with it. Of course her cough got much worse and it was constant, I thought she would die. I found Pawhealers on the internet and sent for the herbs and honey cough syrup. Her cough was gone within 8 days and she is feeling like a puppy again. I have changed her food and cook it myself, consisting of organ meats, veggies and some starches. She is back!!! and I'm so grateful to Pawhealers for their traditional chinese medicine.I believe it saved her life. I am sending a picture of my Jessie.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Big Thank You From Milo; A Dog With A Big Heart

Thanks John and Milo!!! Dr. Pinky Pinkerton and Nurse Daisy love to add handsome fellows to their list of friends!

Subject:milos enlargered heart and cough

Content:Hi Mark and Holly i want to talk you both so very much i finally got milo to take the meds and i really think they are starting to work.GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!! You know i want to share something with you guys ,i have taken milo to 4 vets his reg one and 3 that are said to be the very best in the area well they all had stuff for us to buy and nothing they had worked we were told so many different thing we were going nuts not to say anything about our baby suffering the whole time .we spent over 2ooo.oo no fooling 2ooo.oo in 4 weeks on milo and nothing worked! The worst part was we never even got a call back from any of the vets to check to see if he was alright with the meds they gave him.2 of the vet i called to tell them he was haveing trouble with the meds and they still never called back back to check on my baby.i felt like paying them a visit but i have changed my way [getting alittle older will do that]well i got in touch with you guys the meds came the next day you call me 3 or 4 times to see if eeverything was well with milo.YOU TWO FOLKS ARE THE BEST GOD BLESS YOUR HEARTS! I KNOW ITS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY WITH YOU FOLKS YOU BOTH TRULY CARE! THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! Its still alittle hard to get him to take the meds but we are getting better at it and he is feeling better thank you .PLEASE PUT MILOS PICTURE WITH THIS NOTE OK I WOULD LOVE OTHER TO SEE IT.IF ANYONE WANTS TO KNOW HOW I FEEL AND PAW HEALERS WRITE ME JOHNAOL.COM I TELL THEM HOW TRULY CAREING YOU ALL ARE! AGIN THANKS JOHN LEWIS

Holly here is MILOS Girl. Her name is Breezy! No joke they are in love! If anyone comes near Milo breezy gets her back up untill she knows its alright .Its the cutest thing you ever saw. She kisses him every morning and if they dont see each other first thing they walk around the house with their tails down and their heads hanging.Then when they see each other they are like pups again.Breezy is also 10 years young.She stands 7 ft on her hind legs they are something. Thanks Again John Collette Milo and Breezy


Monday, April 20, 2009

Komoto....No more itching!

Hi Mark,
I need to reorder. Komodo is doing great. He says thank you. Attach photo of him.
Michele T


Dog With Collapsing Trachea...Prissy doing better

Prissy and Einstein...Prissy is the sweet little pooch. Prissy was taking lasix and a bunch of other stuff...We have received an update from Prissy's mom that she is doing much better! Now Einstein, the big guy is getting herbs for heat and rashes and Sherry is telling us that he is sooo much better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get Real People!

The other day I received not one but 2 requests from a woman that had a problem with her dog...collapsed trachea etc.... She spent 45 minutes discussing the herbs, ordering the herbs and then she had us OVERNIGHT air...all this is alot of work and energy. she had special circumstances and we formulated just for her dog....

Then, the next day I get two pertty insulting a messages that she wants to return them because her group has told her the PawHealer herbs cause side effects and don't work that well. Here is the first one...says that our products have reactions;

Body: Hi Holly Now you won't like this. I spoke to a few people who used your products and had reactions. The problem was for trachea collapse. I feel very uncomfortable using them now. Can I please return them when I receive them?

Here is the second one now they don't work!

return information
Hi, I have not received my order as of today but I would like to request return information from you. I belong to a few support groups and they have used your products without positive results. I feel unsure of using your products now.

I was startled to receive such a message...

My thoughts are this;

1. Shouldn't you have consulted with this group BEFORE ordering? (if there is such a group that is giving us a bad name...)

2. Lets talk about side effects...hello....of course any herbs can cause side effects, each person and each dog are can cause side effects! There is no one in the world that should say that herbs do not have the potential to cause an adverse reaction..HOWEVER in the very vast majority of pets that take herbal remedies this does not occur...AND IF IT DOES....within 6 hours of taking the herbs the symptoms will usually recede. This is the same for different.

Hello people....if you are so afraid of side effect of herbs...then why in the hell do you medicate your dogs to the point of almost death? Don't you think that steroids, inhalers, narcotics to stop cough, multiple vaccinations, monthly flea control all are over dosing your pet?

This just about drives me nuts...How can people call me and discuss side effects when the very reason that they are calling me is usually from the side effects of multiple medications...OMG....Lord Help Me!

3. Lets talk about what works and what does not work...Once again there IS NO SURE THING!!!

But look at our blog...those are just a fraction of the people that have used our coughing formulas? So who are her people and who are these support groups? So she has people that say it didn't work...Well Lady I have people who say it work! odd this whole thing was.

Hello can you expect herbs to be any different than modern medicines? We do the best we can...we learn what works for the majority...however yes people sometimes it will not work...IF EVERYTHING Worked all the time we would live forever..

I can tell you this...herbs do have a great efficiency rate, but they are not a magic bullet....they take work and effort, they are more difficult to use than modern medicines...

But yes people in cases where modern medicine has not been able to help, herbs can be an adjunct to your current regime and work better! Or they can't help at all...Plain and simple...

My question is to you people..why do you expect so much more from herbal remedies than from what you get from modern medicine.

Lighten up....don't be afraid...its always worth a try....My suggestion for those who are fearful, use herbs in concert with your veterinarian. Explain to them that you would like to try herbals, and have them monitor your pet right along side with you.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Laverne Walking Again!

This is a great story....and Laverne is one of the Lucky ones...sadly not every dog will have such good results if by chance they use the use of their hind legs. the vast majority of the instances...the dog will at some level improve. Clearly herbs are worth trying when a dog is down and out...We can never know if it will work...but I have to say more times than not...we are seeing a much improved dog after we create a formula that best fits a particular dog's hind leg weakness pattern.

Thanks for the story Terry...Dr. Pink Pinkerton is happy to add Laverne to his list of friends!

And OMG....your family is just so adorable.....this pic has now made it to the top of our Pawhealer favorites! (go to end of post to see pics!)

Holly and Mark.

I would like to tell everyone about the wonderful experience I had for my Shih Tzu Laverne. Researching on line on one web site which connected me to and Chinese Herbs and their healing powder.

My Vet had given her a cortisone shot which relaxes them and medication that helped for a month and the other option was an operation that might help and $5,000.00. But! I decided to use a natural approach.

Laverne in November was walking and her hind legs collapsed and I found out that Shih Tzu get Intervertebal disc disease. The spinal disc are shaped like donuts and sit between each bony vertebrae for cushion. sometimes these dis can become dislodged after jumping. the disc then pinch the nerve or worse the spinal cord which sometimes result in permanent paralysis if no t immediately corrected.

After e-mailing Laverne's symptoms, Holly called me and we went over everything that was wrong with here in reference to her hind leg weakness. I started on March 5Th giving her the product 3 times a day in her dry food. By the 5Th day she no longer was dragging her hind legs. On the 10Th day she was running and laying on her back and twisting her back in a dancing motion as she always did playing with her Sister's and Brother's.

What I did on the 11Th day is lower the dose to 3 times a day as per the directions. It's like a trial and era you have to use. As the dog got better I give her less. I now give her the herbs 2 times a day. Laverne loved the herbs, and I only gave her about 6-7 piece's of her dry food, sprinkle herbs on top. Every time I pick up the jar she runs toward me and waits to get it in her food.

She even has a dry eye which has cleared up about 80%. I know every experience will be different, and you have to remember to give it time and you will see a wonderful healing process in motion. When our friends came over they were amazed with how laverne recovered, and said, " it's like she is a young puppy with the way she runs around and so much energy".

If you have any questions or need help, Holly and Mark are always their to help. Please try the products, because they work and she even makes up special formula's according to what you need.

Holly and Mark I wish you all the best with your company. Thank you every so much, as I will continue to order products from you.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cutest Darn Dog! And feeling better....

We received this nice thank You note from Sally...then I ask her to send me a picture of sarge...and she did...and she also put a note on the e-mail and said "Isn't he cute?"

that's an darn cute is Sarge anyway!!!! LOL....this is one of my favorite pics....Yes sally he is more than darn cute!

From Temp

We received this e-mail from sally and her husband. Her pooch took the Empirical Hound Heart Tonic and Hound Honey Cough Syrup....We truly appreciate it when people take the time to give us a shout ofout of thanks! Bowsers says Dr. Pinky Pinkerton..we love it!


Date:Mon, Apr 06, 2009 4:09 pm
I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that after one month on the medicine I bought for our shih tzu Sarge he is SO much better. His constant cough is gone and there is only a bit of coughing a couple of times a day. He is perkier and eating much better. I started him on the herbs and cough medicine 4 times a day and now he is down to twice a day. I cannot tell you how happy you have made me and my husband!!!
Thank you for everything!
Sally and Jim


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mikey's Life....

Goshhh...O shucks...says Dr. Pink Pinkerton the herbalist extraordinaire (Pinky is the handsome dog in the picture up top, and that is Nurse Daisy his sister).

This is such a great herbal never ceases to amaze us..the pwoer of herbals for our dogs and cats.

We used herbs that transformed Phlegm Heat and moved Qi and Blood through his chest...we supplemented the Kidney and Spleen Yang....and bowser says Dr. Pink...we're so happy that Mikey is doing so much better!

Here is Mikey's Story

Dear Holly and Mark,
I want to share Mikey's story with you and other visitors to your wonderful site.
My 11 year old Yorkie, Mikey had been slowly failing for weeks. He had stopped barking, running, never jumped up onto the bed any more and on March 25, 2009 he couldn't walk. I had been treating him for diabetes, an enlarged heart and a collapsed trachea with traditional western medicine. That morning I panicked and rushed him to the vet. After 48 hours of intravenous fluids and a $500.00 bill, he came home lifeless. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and severe dehydration. All they offered was more of the same traumatic treatment which I believe almost killed him. Mikey was basically given a death sentence by the vet. When the vet called to ask how he was doing I reported that I thought he was near death. The vet insisted on bringing him back in for more fluids. I said, "No I would rather have him pass at home."

The vet said, "Why, is it a matter of money? Are you giving up on your dog?"

"No," I said, "I'm giving up on you."

While he was in the clinic I began researching his condition and found After completing the health survey for Mikey on the website, Mark called me. He and Holly whipped up a batch of miracles. A day went by and I honestly didn't think Mikey would survive until the Paw-healer remedies arrived. I called Mark and explained the situation and he immediately suggested that the herbs and supplements be shipped overnight. Good call Mark! By March 27th the package from Paw-healer arrived. Mikey got his first dose of his custom KD Support at 2:00 p.m. and by 4:00 p.m. he got up and walked to the door and asked to go out to urinate on his own power. This is something he hadn't been able to do for the previous 72 hours. Three hours later I gave him the custom Heart/Lung support. He became alert and interested in greeting a neighbor who had stopped by.

Three days prior he wouldn't even get up to greet me when I came home!

The next morning I got up and as I was walking down the hall he trotted after me bumping his head on my ankle the way he used to do every morning. I fed him and let him out to do his business. He strolled around the grounds like he use to do. Picking the perfect spots and even lifting his leg to urinate something he had stopped doing. Up to that time he would just go out to the same spot and just empty his bladder and come back into the house and plop down. My other dog heard some people talking across the street and she began to bark. Mikey let out a few gravely sounds and then belted out several real barks! The best thing happened that night when Mikey for the first time in literally months did something I just couldn't believe. He jumped up onto the bed to sleep near me. Believe me I just blubbered like a baby!

Every day he gets stronger and more alert. Every day his quality of life improves. That's what this is really about, increasing enjoyment for what ever time we have left together. Mikey may have received a death sentence from western medicine but there is no doubt in my mind that he was given a life extension by Holly and Mark at Paw Healer.

Thank you Holly and Mark. Paw-Healer is a wonderful resource to all of us minor dieties to our pets.
Karen EPinky