Saturday, April 11, 2009

Laverne Walking Again!

This is a great story....and Laverne is one of the Lucky ones...sadly not every dog will have such good results if by chance they use the use of their hind legs. the vast majority of the instances...the dog will at some level improve. Clearly herbs are worth trying when a dog is down and out...We can never know if it will work...but I have to say more times than not...we are seeing a much improved dog after we create a formula that best fits a particular dog's hind leg weakness pattern.

Thanks for the story Terry...Dr. Pink Pinkerton is happy to add Laverne to his list of friends!

And OMG....your family is just so adorable.....this pic has now made it to the top of our Pawhealer favorites! (go to end of post to see pics!)

Holly and Mark.

I would like to tell everyone about the wonderful experience I had for my Shih Tzu Laverne. Researching on line on one web site which connected me to and Chinese Herbs and their healing powder.

My Vet had given her a cortisone shot which relaxes them and medication that helped for a month and the other option was an operation that might help and $5,000.00. But! I decided to use a natural approach.

Laverne in November was walking and her hind legs collapsed and I found out that Shih Tzu get Intervertebal disc disease. The spinal disc are shaped like donuts and sit between each bony vertebrae for cushion. sometimes these dis can become dislodged after jumping. the disc then pinch the nerve or worse the spinal cord which sometimes result in permanent paralysis if no t immediately corrected.

After e-mailing Laverne's symptoms, Holly called me and we went over everything that was wrong with here in reference to her hind leg weakness. I started on March 5Th giving her the product 3 times a day in her dry food. By the 5Th day she no longer was dragging her hind legs. On the 10Th day she was running and laying on her back and twisting her back in a dancing motion as she always did playing with her Sister's and Brother's.

What I did on the 11Th day is lower the dose to 3 times a day as per the directions. It's like a trial and era you have to use. As the dog got better I give her less. I now give her the herbs 2 times a day. Laverne loved the herbs, and I only gave her about 6-7 piece's of her dry food, sprinkle herbs on top. Every time I pick up the jar she runs toward me and waits to get it in her food.

She even has a dry eye which has cleared up about 80%. I know every experience will be different, and you have to remember to give it time and you will see a wonderful healing process in motion. When our friends came over they were amazed with how laverne recovered, and said, " it's like she is a young puppy with the way she runs around and so much energy".

If you have any questions or need help, Holly and Mark are always their to help. Please try the products, because they work and she even makes up special formula's according to what you need.

Holly and Mark I wish you all the best with your company. Thank you every so much, as I will continue to order products from you.


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