Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mikey's Life....

Goshhh...O shucks...says Dr. Pink Pinkerton the herbalist extraordinaire (Pinky is the handsome dog in the picture up top, and that is Nurse Daisy his sister).

This is such a great herbal never ceases to amaze us..the pwoer of herbals for our dogs and cats.

We used herbs that transformed Phlegm Heat and moved Qi and Blood through his chest...we supplemented the Kidney and Spleen Yang....and bowser says Dr. Pink...we're so happy that Mikey is doing so much better!

Here is Mikey's Story

Dear Holly and Mark,
I want to share Mikey's story with you and other visitors to your wonderful site.
My 11 year old Yorkie, Mikey had been slowly failing for weeks. He had stopped barking, running, never jumped up onto the bed any more and on March 25, 2009 he couldn't walk. I had been treating him for diabetes, an enlarged heart and a collapsed trachea with traditional western medicine. That morning I panicked and rushed him to the vet. After 48 hours of intravenous fluids and a $500.00 bill, he came home lifeless. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and severe dehydration. All they offered was more of the same traumatic treatment which I believe almost killed him. Mikey was basically given a death sentence by the vet. When the vet called to ask how he was doing I reported that I thought he was near death. The vet insisted on bringing him back in for more fluids. I said, "No I would rather have him pass at home."

The vet said, "Why, is it a matter of money? Are you giving up on your dog?"

"No," I said, "I'm giving up on you."

While he was in the clinic I began researching his condition and found After completing the health survey for Mikey on the website, Mark called me. He and Holly whipped up a batch of miracles. A day went by and I honestly didn't think Mikey would survive until the Paw-healer remedies arrived. I called Mark and explained the situation and he immediately suggested that the herbs and supplements be shipped overnight. Good call Mark! By March 27th the package from Paw-healer arrived. Mikey got his first dose of his custom KD Support at 2:00 p.m. and by 4:00 p.m. he got up and walked to the door and asked to go out to urinate on his own power. This is something he hadn't been able to do for the previous 72 hours. Three hours later I gave him the custom Heart/Lung support. He became alert and interested in greeting a neighbor who had stopped by.

Three days prior he wouldn't even get up to greet me when I came home!

The next morning I got up and as I was walking down the hall he trotted after me bumping his head on my ankle the way he used to do every morning. I fed him and let him out to do his business. He strolled around the grounds like he use to do. Picking the perfect spots and even lifting his leg to urinate something he had stopped doing. Up to that time he would just go out to the same spot and just empty his bladder and come back into the house and plop down. My other dog heard some people talking across the street and she began to bark. Mikey let out a few gravely sounds and then belted out several real barks! The best thing happened that night when Mikey for the first time in literally months did something I just couldn't believe. He jumped up onto the bed to sleep near me. Believe me I just blubbered like a baby!

Every day he gets stronger and more alert. Every day his quality of life improves. That's what this is really about, increasing enjoyment for what ever time we have left together. Mikey may have received a death sentence from western medicine but there is no doubt in my mind that he was given a life extension by Holly and Mark at Paw Healer.

Thank you Holly and Mark. Paw-Healer is a wonderful resource to all of us minor dieties to our pets.
Karen EPinky

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Unknown said...

A note here...Mikey was able to gt a couple more quality months out of his life...and then his Kidneys began to fail.

Good bye sweet Mikey...asy hello to our sweet Orbit and our Mikey....